The FBI just put every Second Amendment supporter on notice with this one action

Sep 12, 2023

The last thing you want is for the feds to have unfettered access to your firearms and other valuable items. 

But the feds just got the master key to your safe. 

And the FBI is working directly with one of the biggest gun safe brands in America to gain unlimited access. 

The Second Amendment is always under fire

Democrats want nothing more than to strip you of your Second Amendment rights and your firearms. 

The Left knows an unarmed society will be much easier for the government to control. 

That’s why it is worth holding the line and not giving an inch on any issue pertaining to gun rights. 

Over the years, Democrats have been creating ways to take away your firearms. 

For instance, Democrats have been attempting to put a tax on guns that would make the ability to purchase a firearm unrealistic for the vast majority of Americans.

But now Democrats may have found another way to access and take your firearms without you having the ability to stop them.

Your safe isn’t safe anymore

Nathan Hughes, an Arkansas native, was recently arrested by the FBI for charges relating to January 6. 

Nathan has been living his life for the past two and a half years and hasn’t been a threat to himself or others.

But the FBI thought that it was necessary to tear apart his house and take his firearms.

During the raid, FBI agents were able to open his Liberty Safe without breaking a sweat, which sort of defeats the purpose of a safe in the first place.

People have been wondering how they gained access to his guns and belongings without busting out any hardware.

Liberty Safe announced that they provided the FBI with a master key code to access Nathan’s digital safe. 

Liberty Safe also admitted that they gave the FBI access to the safe even though they “had no knowledge of any of the details surrounding the investigation at the time.”

The once-trusted safe manufacturer continued their statement by claiming that “Liberty Safe is devoted to protecting the personal property and 2nd amendment rights of our customers and has repeatedly denied requests for access codes without a warrant in the past. We do not give out combinations without proper legal documentation being provided by authorities.”

But in this case, the company gave the FBI access to a customer’s safe with just the flash of a warrant.

Even the smallest of companies would have required the FBI to obtain a court order before giving out the access code to the safe. 

Should gun owners still trust Liberty Safe?

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