The Left won’t like what voters in this blue state think about illegal immigration

Nov 17, 2022

Joe Biden’s open border policies have lead to a massive influx of illegal immigration. 

So-called “sanctuary cities” like New York are furious Republican Governors like Greg Abbott have “shared the load” by dropping off a few busloads of illegals. 

But the Left won’t like what voters in this blue state think about illegal immigration.

Even leftist bastions oppose open borders

New York is one of the most heavily Democrat states in the country. 

If there was anywhere that one might think the Democrats’ open borders agenda would be popular, it would be New York. 

But a recent poll found that is far from the case.

An exit poll, conducted by Zogby Analytics for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), showed that 58% of New York residents think Congress should prioritize stopping illegal immigration by securing the United States-Mexico border and deporting illegal aliens already in the United States.

The poll found less than 11% of New Yorkers wanted Congress to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, and just 25% want Congress to focus on increasing legal immigration. 

The poll also showed that a majority of New Yorkers (52%) blame Joe Biden’s policies for the 5.5 million illegal aliens who have entered the country in the last two years. 

The poll comes at a time when the population of foreign-born US residents is at an all-time high. 

Today, over 47 million people currently in the US were born in a foreign country.

Hispanics support border security 

The Left and the GOP establishment claim that Hispanic voters want open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. 

But the poll also found a majority of Hispanic voters want Congress to focus on securing the border and deporting illegals. 

The poll also found 65% of Hispanic support finishing the border wall. 

This poll shows how wrong the GOP establishment has been on the issue. 

Following Mitt Romney’s defeat in 2012, the party establishment released an “autopsy report” that focused on making inroads with Hispanic voters. 

The report included support for giving amnesty to illegals. 

Mitt Romney has supported greatly increasing the number of visas given to foreigners.

Of course, Donald Trump proved how wrong that was when he won in 2016 with border security a key part of his platform. 

Trump outperformed Mitt Romney with Hispanics as well. 

Recently, Ron DeSantis got a large chunk of the Hispanic vote in Florida, even flipping Miami-Dade county red just weeks after he flew illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

The poll follows Texas Governor Abbott bussing illegal aliens from Texas to Democrat-run sanctuary cities like New York. 

As cities like New York get first-hand experience dealing with an influx of illegal aliens, it seems even left-leaning voters have had enough of it. 

When even the bluest states in the country want secure borders, it’s clear that it is in Republican’s best interests politically to secure the border and oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. 

The pro-amnesty Left and the RINOs who want to work with them have it wrong, and this poll proves it. 

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