The media melted down because of what Donald Trump and CNN agreed to do

May 10, 2023

CNN was at the forefront of the corporate-controlled media’s “resistance” to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump always has the capacity to surprise and his latest decision left Democrats enraged.

But now, the media melted down because of what Donald Trump and CNN agreed to do.

Donald Trump’s decision to sit for a CNN town hall in New Hampshire triggered the left-wing activists in the media.

During an interview on CNBC, the CEO of CNN’s parent company, David Zaslav, defended the decision to host Trump by simply explaining that the network should be fair to all candidates.

“Republicans are on the air on CNN,” Zaslav said. “Democrats are on the air. All voices should be heard.”

Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

CNN needs ratings, and its responsibility as a journalistic organization is to cover the 2024 race and allow the candidates a fair hearing to make their case to the voters.
The folks over at MSNBC do not agree.

Leftists expect the media to work on behalf of the Democrat Party’s agenda and candidates.

On Joy Reid’s program, Angelo Carusone of Media Matters – a left-wing group whose goal is to censor conservative media – expressed worry that CNN hosting Trump was part of Zaslav’s mission to pull the network back to the middle.

“I get a little uncomfortable with the false equivalencies and false balance, if that’s the position that they’ve taken because it’s kind of a reflection of the larger posture that CNN has had over the last year or so, which is to basically mollify all of their right-wing critics or at least to attempt to mollify them by validating even the most bad faith attacks on the network from them,” Carusone whined.

Left-wing pundit and cosplay conservative Charlie Sykes of the pro-Democrat website, The Bulwark, actually claimed it was not journalism to have undecided voters ask questions of a former President and frontrunner for the 2024 election.

“It feels like horrifically bad judgment to me. Let’s be clear about this. This is not journalism. This is entertainment. In journalism, you actually will control the questions and the answers, and you’ll have some sort of a filter for misinformation. CNN will not be able to filter or control the disinformation that Donald Trump puts out on the air live and CNN will not even be able to control the kinds of issues that are talked about. In journalism, you would ask him about the 26 women who’ve alleged sexual assault. You would ask him about whether or not he believes the Constitution should be terminated. You would ask him about January 6. You would ask him about pardoning the people that attacked the police officers,” Sykes stated.

One of the big complaints conservatives always had about left-wing media outlets hosting GOP debates is that the moderators ask candidates questions that Democrat activists in the press care about, which are not the same as what drives GOP voters to evaluate candidates and decide who they want to vote for.

CNN is providing a forum for voters to question Trump about what matters to them and he will be able to give his answers in real time without an army of left-wing activists “fact checking” him.

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