The Navajo Nation had an epic two-word demand for Joe Biden’s embattled Interior Secretary

Aug 30, 2023

It seems like the Biden administration is failing at every turn.

The regime is in danger of losing its base of support among Native Americans.

And the Navajo Nation had an epic two-word demand for Joe Biden’s embattled Interior Secretary.

Another Joe Biden official just proved that the race card is only valid if the race in question accepts the Democrats’ radical agenda.

The heck with minorities who won’t bow to the god of climate change

If the Left’s agenda is contrary to the needs and interests of a minority group, then the answer is always “to heck with them.”

For example, the Navajo Nation in New Mexico is strongly in favor of drilling for new oil and gas due to the economic benefits it could bring to their community. 

But now it seems their wishes for what happens on their land does not hold any weight with Joe Biden’s administration.

In June, the Associated Press reported that the Interior Department had blocked all oil and gas production on hundreds of square miles of land in New Mexico for a period of 20 years. 

But this land all lies within a 10-mile radius of Chaco Culture National Historical Park, which is Navajo land.

Navajo leaders made it crystal clear that this is not what they wanted from the administration.

“The Navajo Nation attempted to compromise by proposing a five-mile buffer as opposed to the 10-mile,” Crystalyne Curley said.  “The Biden administration has undermined the position of the Navajo Nation with today’s action and impacted the livelihood of thousands of Navajo allotment owners and their families.”

“Go home!”

The Navajo Nation is making their feelings known to the Biden administration.

Prior to a recent visit to Chaco by Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, a group of Navajo landowners blocked access to the site and chanted “go home!”

But they aren’t just chanting in the streets.

They are taking real steps to reverse the Biden administration’s anti-Navajo actions.

Protect the Public’s Trust, a government watchdog group, filed an official complaint against Haaland over “apparent ethical breaches” regarding the drilling ban.

Of course, ethics and the Biden administration have never seen eye to eye.

And not surprisingly, the unethical actions in question in this case involve family members.

The complaint states that Haaland’s daughter, Somah Haaland, is “a prominent member of an activist organization that lobbied federal officials seeking to restrict oil and gas leasing in the area.”

According to the complaint, Somah Haaland even narrated a film called Our Story: The Indigenous Led Fight to Protect Greater Chaco

Deb Haaland “participated in the film” prior to joining Biden’s Cabinet.

Failure to live up to her ethical obligations 

The documentary features a 2019 interview with Deb Haaland as well as clips of her being sworn in as Interior Secretary. 

The video producers also included the Secretary’s name and title in promotional material for a screening of the film.

Protect the Public’s Trust said that Haaland’s behavior “evinces a failure to fully consider and live up to [her] ethical obligations as a senior government official in a position of public trust. Accordingly, these actions should be investigated as soon as possible.”

Now many are wondering why the Left is not outraged over the Biden administration’s actions that make the Navajo Nation unable to use their own land to improve their financial conditions. 

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