The White House has a new enemy of the people simply because he helped President Trump

Dec 6, 2022

It’s amazing what the Left and the corporate-controlled media are willing to do to destroy anyone who questions or challenges their authority. 

And this time they’re not even hiding who’s in their crosshairs. 

Now the White House has a new enemy of the people simply because he helped President Trump. 

There are countless stories around the world each day about villains and criminals ruining the lives of countless families. 

But of all the stories that the corporate-controlled media runs with, it’s always the stories that put conservatives and those who question the Left’s position of power in a bad light that get the headlines. 

The Left will try to end any in their way

Conservatives and anyone who challenges the status quo put forward by the Left automatically becomes enemy number one against a machine that George Orwell couldn’t even have imagined. 

Back in 2015, Donald Trump started to challenge the way things were in our nation. 

People for decades could sense that something wasn’t right and finally they had Donald Trump voicing their concerns and challenging all the wrong in our nation. 

Trump was finally saying stuff in the mainstream that no one else dared but they knew was right. 

And for his actions of being a voice for the American people and speaking out against the Left, Donald Trump became the main target for the corporate-controlled media and the Deep State. 

No matter what he did in his life it was picked through with a fine tooth comb and ripped apart by nearly every “mainstream” media outlet. 

And even to this day President Trump is dealing with criminal investigation after criminal investigation. 

But at the end of the day they always find nothing because there’s nothing there.

These criminal investigations aren’t to find crime but rather they’re just to ruin his name and deplete his finances. 

The Left and the corporate-controlled media thought the way they treated Donald Trump would send the message to the world never to challenge the Left’s dominance or radical agenda again. 

But one man didn’t get the memo and now has spent billions of dollars to take the Left head on.

Elon Musk is the next Trump

Elon Musk ended up buying Twitter, which was the Left’s most prized social media platform. 

For years, the Left and Silicon Valley worked together to control who was allowed to talk and what was allowed to be said on Twitter. 

Thankfully for free speech in this country, Elon Musk took over the platform and has now made it a free speech haven.

But for challenging the Left head on, now he has to face their wrath.

And for his crime of providing everyone in the United States with First Amendment rights on Twitter, now he is getting the same treatment Donald Trump got, just at a quicker pace. 

Everyone from Elizabeth Warren to the Pentagon to the White House is screaming about how Musk is pushing to make Twitter a free speech Haven.

And the latest attack on Elon Musk is coming from White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

While on the left-wing podcast “Pod Save America”, Ron Klain stated:

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about Twitter itself and about how Elon Musk is running Twitter. I kind of have my hands full here. But look, I think anything that encourages hate speech is bad, and I don’t think it’s — it’s obviously not good for our society, it’s not good for the discourse. I don’t think it’s good for Twitter. But, he owns it, it’s his business, he’s going to run it I guess how he sees fit.

Then Klain finished his comments about Elon Musk with one ominous warning and claimed, “We’ll see what happens.”

We can all read between the lines. 

Don’t be shocked if Elon Musk becomes the target of investigations by the White House. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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