These bombshell court documents are about to land Joe Biden under investigation

Feb 17, 2023

Joe Biden may be the most corrupt President in recent American history.

Biden and his family embody the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

But these bombshell court documents are about to land Joe Biden under investigation.

There are new developments into the probe of the Biden family’s influence peddling operation.

This latest shoe to drop is sure to attract the attention of Republicans who are investigating Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals on the House Oversight Committee.

Court documents show Hill International hired James Biden to broker a secret $140 million settlement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while Joe Biden was the sitting Vice President.

A sworn affidavit from former Treasury Department official and private investigator Thomas Sullivan described the results of his interview with Jim Biden.

Sullivan recounted that Jim Biden’s wife said her husband and Joe Biden told each other everything.

“Of course, the [Biden] name didn’t hurt’, and Jim’s wife Sara, who was present, allegedly said that Joe and his brother ‘told each other everything,” Sullivan’s statement read.

Sullivan said Jim Biden admitted he was basically hired because of his name.

“[Biden] stated that he was often sent to meetings to represent Hill because ‘of course, the name didn’t hurt,’ and he was the former Vice-President’s brother, or words to that effect. He repeated this statement at least twice during the interview,” Sullivan’s affidavit added.

Sullivan also stated that Jim Biden essentially admitted he was there because of his connection to his brother, then-Vice President Joe Biden.

“I asked specifically if he had attended a meeting with the Saudi Ministry of Trade in mid-February 2012 to receive the final payment for the work Hill had performed,” Sullivan wrote. “He answered that, to the best of his memory, he had been at such a meeting, and that the reason he had attended was ‘because of his position and relationship’ with his brother.”

Other court documents show that Lankford & Reed – one of the law firms involved in the case – partner V. Thomas Lankford stated that Hill brought Jim Biden on because there was no way the Saudi government could afford not to pay once the Vice President’s brother got involved.

“After many delays, a meeting was finally scheduled for mid-February, 2012, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,” Lankford explained. “The Professional Firms were excluded from this meeting. Hill, acting through [its CEO, Irvin] Richter, sent Jim Biden – the then sitting Vice President’s brother.”

“Richter confided that he selected Biden because KSA [the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia] would not dare stiff the brother of the Vice-President who would be instrumental to the deal,”Lankford added.

The Biden family raked in millions of dollars in foreign business arrangements because of Joe Biden’s position as Vice President.

Republicans are now investigating to see if these deals compromised Joe Biden.

This latest revelation will give the House Oversight Committee another thread to follow in their investigation.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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