These Duck Dynasty stars are creating a Broadway-style musical about the life of Christ

Apr 28, 2023

It was a phenomenon that took the country by storm.

A family of hard-working Christian duck-call makers became an overnight sensation.

And now, these Duck Dynasty stars are creating a Broadway-style musical about the life of Christ.

From duck calls to curtain calls

Americans got to know and love Willie and Korie Roberston and their family during the popular TV show Duck Dynasty.

Since the show’s final episode, the Robertson’s have moved on to other projects.

Family patriarch Phil Robertson published several books on faith and politics and also hosts a popular podcast.

Willie’s brothers, Jase and Jep, have a new show called Duck Family Treasure.

And some of the family’s children and grandchildren have become well-known in their own rights in the evangelical Christian community.

But the story of Jesus’ life is now being turned into a new contemporary musical that will hit stages later this month.

His Story: The Musical is the title of a theatrical event premiering in Dallas, Texas in May.

It was produced as a way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a younger generation.

According to the Robertson family, it’s a Broadway-style musical based on the life of Jesus with a story of love and redemption.

A Jesus who not only performs miracles, gives wisdom, and connects with people from all walks of life, but one who also offers forgiveness to those who accept Him and repent.

The Jesus connection

Willie and Korie Robertson are the producers of the Christian musical.

In a recent interview with CBN News, they said Jesus Christ is what connects duck hunting and Broadway.

“We were just blown away and we [knew] we wanted to be involved with this for sure,” Willie said.

“We were just sold and all in from song one,” Korie said. “We watched the whole thing and it’s full of scripture and God’s Word…we loved it from the moment we saw it.”

According to the show’s website, Miriam Brown wrote His Story: The Musical when she was 16 years old on a mission trip to Africa.

Brown, who is dyslexic, was unable to read or write before the age of 9.

Despite these setbacks, she wrote her first song at age 15.

She said she sees the musical as a chance to reach her generation with the “timeless story of light and hope.”

“There are so many ways to share the gospel, especially to this young generation,” Willie Robinson added. “This is something different. It is not in a church building. It’s young. It’s hip, but it’s saturated in the Gospel.”

“We felt like people were hungry, people were searching for something of meaning and we think they are searching for the Lord and this is another way to get that out,” he continued.

Korie said hundreds of young people auditioned to be a part of the cast.

“We watched person after person come in and sing their song and do their thing,” she said. “It was really special to see…and it’s been fun to see it come together.

“We are tickled to death to be a part of this and invite people to share this together…and continue being bright lights,” Willie added.

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