This conservative is taking young viewers away from traditional late-night TV

Feb 3, 2023

The Left has controlled a stranglehold on young Americans’ media consumption habits for so long, they take it for granted. 

In the past, it’s helped Democrats win elections and move the ball forward on their radical woke agenda. 

But now this conservative is taking young viewers away from traditional late-night TV. 

The new king of late-night 

Remember when late-night shows were funny?

The days of Johnny Carson have long since been replaced with hosts pandering and peddling “progressive” propaganda.

For years, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, James Corden, John Oliver, Seth Myers, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert have traded in punchlines for championing a woke agenda on national television. 

The ratings for their respective shows have suffered as a result. 

Now, one comedian on the Right is picking up the viewers they’re losing – especially the young ones. 

Greg Gutfeld started with Fox News with an overnight news wrap-up show that mocked the biggest stories and politicians in the headlines. 

He became one of the hosts on the channel’s hit evening program, The Five

And now he is the face of his own late-night comedy show, ‘Gutfeld!’ 

Gutfeld is winning over a younger audience 

The show was a ratings sensation virtually overnight.

Now, a little more than a year later, the verdict is in and Gutfeld is the new, undisputed, King of Late-Night.

Gutfeld has made history, becoming the first cable program host to hold the title of “most-watched” late-night show – beating out broadcast network competitors at CBS, NBC, and ABC.

And the accolades continue to roll in for the Right-leaning comedian. 

Gutfeld continues to beat all the big names in late-night in the ratings war – but now he’s gaining on them in the coveted “key demo” that drives advertising prices. 

According to the latest Neilson ratings numbers, last week, Gutfeld! scored 322,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic. 

There wasn’t a single program on MSNBC or CNN that even approached those numbers. 

Who is winning the comedy war?

Even the far-Left digital magazine website, Vox, is now lamenting that the Right may be winning the comedy wars. 

“The sheer amount of crowing from the right and hand-wringing on the left over Gutfeld’s success suggests that there’s a lot at stake in this fight for both sides,” wrote Vox’ Constance Grady. “It seems to matter a surprising amount which political affiliation gets to call themselves the funny ones. If Gutfeld! is the gateway for a new generation of young people, that’s going to have strong effects on the kinds of politics they get interested in.”

Meanwhile, Political Insider’s Rusty Weiss doesn’t believe there even is a comedy war anymore, since the Left has given up on telling jokes. 

“There’s no ‘war’ between a hammer and a nail,” Weiss wrote. “There’s just the constant pummeling of the nail. Gutfeld is the ratings hammer. Those other comedy shows, the nail.”

“Who’s watching Chris Wallace?”

In an interesting parallel, while Gutfeld is watched by about 322,000 people between the ages of 25-54 – former Fox News host Chris Wallace is now settling for that as his total viewership. 

The latest ratings for Wallace’s new CNN show, Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? pale in comparison to those of Gutfeld’s. 

While Gutfeld is pulling in more than 1.8-Million total viewers, Wallace has only about 323,000 people watching him – the lowest totals of his career. 

As for Wallace and younger viewers, only 38,000 key demo viewers watched Wallace in the latest Nielsen rating report. 

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