This former Donald Trump insider just fired a warning shot at his old boss over 2024

Nov 18, 2022

Donald Trump’s announcement of his 2024 candidacy was huge news.

But not everyone was thrilled, even among Trump’s inside circle.

And this former Donald Trump insider just fired a warning shot at his old boss over 2024.

The GOP’s “red wave” never materialized.

And everyone within Republican circles is pointing fingers at who is to blame.

Many conservatives warned the Midterms were not going to be the big victory for the GOP that everyone thought.

And these conservatives threw the blame squarely at establishment GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell who brokered deals with Democrats on everything from gun control to massive spending hikes.

Even more concerning were those Republicans who decided to back off their original pro-life pledge in order to try and appear “reasonable” on abortion.

It is not reasonable to support killing children

It is worth noting that almost every single one of these candidates ended up losing, despite trying to moderate their view on abortion.

Arizona’s Blake Masters removed all reference to the issue from his website.

And Virginia’s Yesli Vega did the same.

But both were considered great candidates who could win, both lost.

They, like so many Republicans, don’t understand that selling out your base is not a winning strategy. 

And it sure isn’t the right thing to do.

As one Pastor put it, “I can’t believe I would see the day where candidates for Congress would proudly proclaim their support for killing children, even after birth.”

But while the GOP pinheads and corporate-controlled media talking heads debate why the GOP didn’t fare as well as predicted, the answers are right in front of them.

But let’s blame the orange man

And instead of understanding that selling out is not a winning strategy, many in the GOP have decided to blame Donald Trump in sort of an “Orange Man Bad” strategy.

This includes some of Trump’s closest confidantes during his time as President.

Included in this group is former acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney who said on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 that his old boss, former President Trump is the only Republican who can’t win the 2024 general election.

This exchange came after Trump had announced his candidacy, and Cooper asked Mulvaney, “Do you think this is good for the Republican Party?”

Mulvaney quickly responded, “No, I don’t. Because I think he’s the only Republican who could lose. If he wins in 2024, now he’s the candidate. He is the likely Republican nominee. Can he be beaten head-to-head by Ron Desantis or Tim Scott? Sure. But it’s not going to be a head-to-head race. There will be five or six other people in the race, and he’ll get the 35% that really support him, and under the winner-take-all primary system, he’ll be the nominee.”

But Mulvaney wasn’t done throwing his old boss under the bus.

He decided to throw it in reverse and back up too. 

He went on to add, “That means the 2024 race is not about Joe Biden or whatever Democrat is on the ticket, not about inflation, not about world events, not about abortion. It will be about Donald Trump, the same thing we saw in 2020. No one voted for Joe Biden. Everybody voted for or against Donald Trump. It was a referendum on him. That’s what we’re hurtling toward in 2024. And I don’t see the outcome being any different two years from now than it was two years ago.”

While it is certainly too early to make such predictions, Mulvaney seems to be joining a group of one-time Trump supporters who just want him to step aside and allow the next generation of conservative, America First candidates to emerge.

However, according to sources within the Trump camp, that is not going to happen – at least not yet.

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