This former neocon national security adviser now says he may have to run for President in 2024

Dec 8, 2022

Politics is filled with arrogant men and women who think they should be in charge.

And nowhere is that truer than in the neocon globalist segment of politicians.

This former neocon national security adviser now says he may have to run for President in 2024.

You’ve got to give them credit.

They have been thoroughly disgraced, proven wrong at almost every turn, and defeated soundly by actual conservatives.

Yet they persist.

We’re talking about neocons. 

Those weird, dangerous globalists who push socialism (i.e. “compassionate conservatism”) at home and abroad through “democracy” while being determined to bomb anyone they don’t like.

An enemy of the Constitution

These radical warmongers are part of a group of elitists who believe they always know better than the American people.

You recognize their names; Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, ol’ ‘Eye-patch McCain’ Dan Crenshaw, and of course, John Bolton.

Bolton was a longtime advisor to George W. Bush and served as U.N. ambassador.

He also had a brief stint as national security advisor to Donald Trump.

Fortunately for the nation, Trump soon realized just how bound and determined Bolton was to try and thrust the country into another costly war.

Now Bolton, still under the delusion that anyone would vote for him, is attacking Trump and “threatening” to challenge Trump in 2024.

He’s even joined with Liz Cheney in claiming Trump is “an enemy of the Constitution.”

Of course, as readers of Deplorable Daily know, the real enemy of the Constitution are hacks like John Bolton.

Bolton pushes for war without going through the Constitutionally-mandated requirement of Congressional approval.

A massive fraud against the American people and the Constitution

Bolton’s threat to challenge Trump came after the former President commented on the new evidence that elements of the federal government worked in concert with social media outlets, the Democrat Party, and the mainstream corporate-controlled media to illegally influence the 2020 elections. 

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!” Trump wrote on Truth Social after the “Twitter Files” document dump from Elon Musk and Twitter.

Trump has since walked back his comment, realizing that though he didn’t actually mean throwing out the Constitution, that’s what his opponents are focused on.

People like Bolton and Cheney ignored the reason for Trump’s comments – that it is now evident the 2020 election was corrupted and the outcome was influenced by agents within the FBI.

There is no question that their efforts to cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story had a profound effect on Biden’s victory.

A long list of neocons and RINOs

Should Bolton ultimately jump into the 2024 race, he faces a long uphill battle to even become relevant.

He would join a growing list of neocons and RINOs who are far better known than Bolton.

This list includes former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney, former Vice President Mike Pence, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

All of these neocons and RINOs are far better known than Bolton.

But then again, John Bolton has continually shown he is incapable of understanding basic politics, let alone foreign policy.

Should Bolton jump into the race, expect him to spend a lot of donor money to go exactly nowhere.

Which is exactly where John Bolton belongs.

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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