This GOP Senator thinks her only chance to win reelection is pull a Liz Cheney and ramp up attacks on Donald Trump

Sep 30, 2022

Liz Cheney thought being anti-Trump was going to make her popular.

But she couldn’t even get 30% of the Republican vote in Wyoming and lost her seat.

Now this GOP Senator thinks her only chance to win reelection is to pull a Liz Cheney and ramp up attacks on Donald Trump.

The results are in and being anti-Trump is no way for a Republican to keep their seat.

Of the eight GOP Members of Congress who voted to impeach Donald Trump, only two made it past their primaries.

And others who voted against impeachment but have attacked Trump are suffering as well.

It has even translated to state and local offices around the country.

GOP RINOs were already zombies when Trump came along

The problem these GOP RINOs have is they were an anathema to party loyalists and conservatives long before Donald Trump came into the picture.

They were what’s known in politics as “zombies.”

Not like the ones one the Walking Dead – worse.

They are politicians who are already dead politically but don’t realize it.

Politicians like former House Whip Eric Cantor who lost a primary to a college professor.

And of course, like Liz Cheney, who was already in trouble in Wyoming due to her votes with Democrats.

But then Trump came along and woke up some of the zombies, and they freaked out.

And Trump also woke up many of the voters and let them know just how bad and dangerous these zombies actually were.

Now Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) seems to be doing everything in her power to join these zombies in defeat.

Murkowski adopts another Democrat talking point

Of course, Murkowski has a long, sad record of selling out the GOP and her base.

In her last election she didn’t even win the GOP primary but ran as an independent and barely won.

Now she is tied in a Senate race many expect to go down to the wire.

So she has decided to attack Donald Trump.

That isn’t completely surprising since the 21-year Senator voted to impeach the former President.

She told the Wall Street Journal as much in an article titled “Lisa Murkowski Bets on Infrastructure to Keep Alaska Senate Seat, Deny Trump Revenge.”

Murkowski’s latest line of attack mirrors the Democrat-run establishment media’s public relations campaign to frame Trump as a cult leader.

Such anti-Trump claims, also spouted by Congressional Democrats and GOP RINOs, are unfounded of course.

But that has not prevented Murkowski from mimicking her Democrat colleagues and the radical left.

Ignoring the majority of her base

Murkowski’s opponent, conservative Kelly Tshibaka, is hoping to capitalize on the GOP Senator’s abandonment of her base.

Tim Murtaugh, a Kelly Tshibaka’s adviser, told Breitbart News that Murkowski has turned her back on the majority of Alaskan voters by attacking Trump.

“Alaska voted for Donald Trump by double digits twice because his policies were the best for Alaska. He unleashed the energy industries to create jobs and Alaska helped America achieve energy independence. But Joe Biden has squandered all of that and Lisa Murkowski has enabled him. Lisa Murkowski cares more about pleasing D.C. insiders than she cares about her own constituents,” he said.

But Murkowski, who voted to impeach Trump in 2021, has remained on the warpath against Trump and his supporters during her reelection campaign.

She is facing the Trump-endorsed Tshibaka.

Recent polling shows Murkowski and Tshibaka are dead-even about 50 days from the general election.

Dead-even is the best Murkowski can hope for, while Alaskans are hoping Murkowski finds herself simply dead, politically-speaking of course.

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