This jaw-dropping new report shows foreigners are taking over the country state-by-state

Jan 3, 2023

Under Joe Biden, border security is a complete farce. 

But our country isn’t only being overrun by those who illegally cross the border.

And this jaw-dropping new report shows foreigners are taking over the country state-by-state.

Last year, the number of foreign-born residents increased in all 50 states. 

California, Texas, and Florida saw the biggest increase. 

While California lost overall residents to other states as a result of people fleeing the high taxes and regulations, the state gained nearly 128,000 immigrants. 

Florida, which is America’s fastest growing state, added over 125,000 immigrants. 

Texas added an additional 119,000 immigrants. 

The south has seen major population increase from both immigration and Americans moving there from other parts of the country. 

The region, which hosts a population of 128.7 million took on an additional 868,000 Americans and 415,000 immigrants.

More immigration than births  

Last year, the US population hit 333.3 million residents.

More than 80% of the population growth was due to immigration. 

Over two million foreigners arrived in the US on green cards and temporary work visas. 

Meanwhile only about 245,000 new Americans were born, and the US had its lowest birth rate in the last 30 years. 

Much of this is due to chain migration, a process in which newly naturalized citizens are able to sponsor an unlimited number of relatives for green cards.

Chain migration accounts for 70% of the nation’s legal immigration. 

That number is likely to increase even further as the Biden administration is working to make the citizenship test easier to pass. 

Chain migration is an unpopular policy that is not based on merit or the country’s labor needs. 

57% of Americans believe we should end the policy of chain migration. 

Today 48 million US residents were born in foreign countries, the highest at any point in US history. 

If current immigration levels are not reduced, that number will hit 70 million by 2060.

Contrary to what the open-borders Left would have you believe, the majority of Americans believe we should reduce immigration levels.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey found that 69% of Americans want legal immigration levels reduced, and 36 percent want us to cut our immigration levels by at least half.

That same survey showed that Americans favor tighter immigration restrictions overall, including doing more to stop illegal crossings and visa overstays and opposition to amnesty.

It’s clear that most Americans see the importance of secure borders.

The massive influx of immigrants is sure to have a major impact on the country economically and culturally. 

We cannot allow unlimited people into this country who don’t identify with the American way of life. 

Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t care about America, they seek to fundamentally transform the country and only care about having enough votes to keep themselves in power.

If America doesn’t regain some control over its borders, it won’t be long until the country becomes unrecognizable. 

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