This leading GOP Senate candidate remains unfazed by the media’s sleazy attacks

Oct 14, 2022

The 2022 Midterm elections are coming down to the wire.

Democrats and their PR firm the corporate-controlled media are using sleazy attack pieces to try and stop a complete GOP sweep.

But this leading GOP Senate candidate remains unfazed by the media’s sleazy attacks.

Things are getting nasty in elections across the country.

In Virginia, Congressional candidate Hung Cao has seen his signs destroyed and his Christian faith mocked and attacked by the Left.

Attack ads against leading America First Republican candidates are running non-stop thanks to funding from socialist groups.

And unfounded personal attacks like they tried against Justice Kavanaugh are making the news.

Georgia on my mind

Nowhere is this more evident than in the U.S. Senate race between football star, and rising GOP star, Herschel Walker and incumbent leftist Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock.

Herschel Walker is new to politics and new to the political “October surprise,” but he is charging forward in his Senate race undaunted by the recent media attacks.

And they have been brutal – and completely unfounded.

“I never heard of whatever they call ‘October surprises,’ but whatever they’re doing now, as I always say, I move forward,” Walker said in an interview with Breitbart News.

Walker is a former University of Georgia football star and NFL player and is used to hard hits.

But recently those hits have been of the political mudslinging type.

It really got nasty with a Daily Beast story about a woman claiming Walker paid for her abortion in 2009.

Walker, who is adamantly pro-life, called the claim a “flat-out lie,” but the story nevertheless set off a firestorm.

The abortion accuser gave text messages and other “documentation” to left-wing outlets that would be used to drag Walker down about his past.

But Walker is staying focused and resolute.

“Continuing to talk about something of yesterday or trying to bring up something of yesterday . . . I think it can make things very difficult. I think they’re trying to muddy up the water somewhat, so I think the water is trying to get muddied up some,” Walker said.

A pro-abortion pastor?

Walker is of course right to “move forward” and ignore Democrats’ sleazy attacks.

Doing so will help him keep the focus on Warnock’s extremely bad record, especially on the very issue of abortion.

Warnock, a self-proclaimed “pro-choice pastor,” refuses to discuss the issue in the days leading up to the Midterms.

He is trying his best to rely on the media and outside groups to continue to attack Walker so he can remain quiet on his record.

Meanwhile, polls show Walker is currently in a dead heat against Warnock in what is one of the country’s top Senate races.

Walker says that “the Left is sort of scared” at the prospect of Warnock’s seat flipping.

“Right now, the Left is sort of scared because the people are going to vote for me because they know I care,” Walker said. “So they’re trying to do everything they can to turn the people against me, but I think the people know who I am. I do what I say, and I say what I do.”

That is in stark contrast to Warnock, and a big reason this Senate seat may just flip to the Republicans.

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