This Never Trump former Congressman just took the one job that firmly cemented his RINO status

Jan 6, 2023

Liz Cheney got beaten soundly in her bid for reelection.

Other Never-Trumpers either lost their primaries or left congress in disgrace.

Like this Never-Trump former Congressman who just took the one job that firmly cemented his RINO status.

The current battle over Speaker of the House shows that conservatives are finally fighting back and holding firm.

But in fact, many have been doing so since 2016.

No matter your views on Donald Trump, one thing he accomplished was to make GOP officials take a side.

Were they going to be solidly conservative and ready to fight for our republic, or would they continue the failed RINO policies of the GOP leadership?

GOP members of sham January 6 committee 

The two leading RINOs in Congress were Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

And both of them served on the sham January 6 Committee, allowing the radical Democrats to say it was a bipartisan Committee.

Cheney lost her seat in a primary blowout, losing by over 30 points!

And Kinzinger, seeing the fate of many other RINOs who were going to lose, decided to cut and run instead after Democrats redistricted him out of his heavily Republican seat.

So Kinzinger announced he would not seek reelection.

But he continued to lead the RINO charge against not just Donald Trump, but conservatives in the party as well.

He tried his best to elevate his status among the radical Left and Democrats.

And Americans would soon find out why he worked so hard to prove he was anything but a conservative.

“Look Ma, I’m on TV”

Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger announced he was joining CNN as a contributor now that the January 6 Committee has been finally shut down.

CNN announced that Kinzinger, known derisively as “the other Republican” who served on the January 6 Committee with Liz Cheney, would be joining the network as a senior political commentator. 

This new job comes after Kinzinger served six terms in Congress, leading the fight for the ever-shrinking RINO-wing of the GOP.

And in preparation for his new gig at the radical left-wing CNN, Kinzinger heated up his anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric. 

He is telling anyone who will listen that the party will become a “hotbed of extremists” under former President Donald Trump’s leadership.

After all, he doesn’t want his TV gig cut short.

That’s why when speaking with CNN on New Year’s Day, Kinzinger whined he fears for the country’s very future if the former President does not get indicted.

He then repeated the Democrat talking point and big lie that what occurred on January 6 was an “insurrection.”

“I think the Justice Department will indict . . .”

“If a President can incite an insurrection and not be held accountable, there’s no limit to what a President can or can’t do. Yeah, I do think ultimately, when we get to where we’re going to go, I think the Justice Department will do the right thing. I think he will be charged,” Kinzinger proclaimed.

Of course, the former Congressman ignores the facts and law of the case.

But then again Kinzinger was not known in Congress for his intelligence.

The fact is Trump did not incite anything – that has been proven. 

And whatever happened on January 6, it was not an insurrection. 

But Democrats, RINOs, and corporate-controlled media want you to believe both of those are true.

So Kinzinger fits right in with his new CNN masters.

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