This Never-Trump RINO just got the worst news of her life

Oct 14, 2022

The America First, pro-Trump wing of the GOP has shown incredible strength in 2022.

In large part because voters are sick and tired of RINO Swamp creatures selling out to the Left.

That’s why this Never-Trump RINO just got the worst news of her life.

Incumbent Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is in real danger of losing the seat she has held for two decades to a strong GOP challenger backed by former President Trump.

According to election forecaster FiveThirtyEight one of the two Republicans has roughly a 99% chance to win next month’s Alaska senate election.

And Republican challenger Kelly C. Tshibaka is most likely to emerge with the victory at 53%.

Murkowski has long been a thorn in the GOP’s side

Originally appointed to the Senate in 2002, Murkowski has ranked as the second most liberal Republican Senator, according to a 2017 GovTrack analysis of lawmakers.

Her ranking put her to the left of Senator Joe Manchin, (D-WV), the Senate’s most conservative Democrat.

Twelve years ago, Murkowski had to run a write-in bid as an independent when a GOP challenger beat her in the Republican Primary.

Since then, Alaska has changed the voting laws to impose “rank choice voting” on the state.

This move was seen by most as the Murkowski Protection Act.

That’s because Murkowski has been a leading RINO for the entire two decades she’s been in office.

It was no surprise to many observers when Murkowski voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

But that vote is coming back to haunt her now.

Murkowski was censured by the state’s Republican Party after her vote to convict Trump during his second impeachment trial, resulting in a vow to recruit a challenger to fill her seat.

Tshibaka, a Trump-backed Republican, who previously served as a commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration, is currently locked in a tight battle with Murkowski.

Mitch McConnell under fire for supporting Murkowski

Murkowski has received the backing of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who threw his weight behind the Senate veteran despite Trump’s campaign against her.

And McConnell has flooded the state with money in support of Murkowski.

Meanwhile, he has pulled back funding for actual Republicans who are in tight races like Blake Masters in Arizona.

This has led conservatives in both Alaska, and the rest of the country, to berate McConnell and send dollars directly to Tshibaka.

So far McConnell has stood firm in his support of RINO Murkowski but astute observers point out he opposed Rand Paul in his first run for Senate, a race Paul won overwhelmingly.

The big question now is can Tshibaka overcome McConnell’s millions and upset the liberal Murkowski?

Will the red wave drown Murkowski?

Murkowski has faced criticism from Alaska voters not only for her vote to impeach Trump but also for her overt selling out to Democrats on key issues.

Critics accuse the RINO incumbent of not doing enough to fight back against President Biden’s socialist agenda.

And Murkowski has continued to thumb her nose at her one-time political base by voting with Democrats on issues like life, guns, and spending.

As the countdown to election day winds down, these new numbers favoring Tshibaka have given conservative activists and real Republicans nationwide hope that the thorn from Alaska will soon be gone.

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