This NFL legend just stood in front of 100,000 people and endorsed Donald Trump

May 15, 2024

Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign keeps building momentum.

Democrats are terrified about what’s taking place on the campaign trail.

And this NFL legend just stood in front of 100,000 people and endorsed Donald Trump.

Trump rally in New Jersey is biggest one yet

Donald Trump held what may have been the largest rally in any of his three Presidential campaigns.

Trump traveled to the New Jersey town of Wildwood, where as many as 100,000 people waited in attendance.

“Lisa Fagan, spokesperson for the city of Wildwood, told the Associated Press that she estimated a crowd of between 80,000 and 100,000 attendees, based off her own observations on the scene Saturday, having seen ‘dozens’ of other events in the same space,” the Associated Press reported.

Trump had a surprise for the crowd.

Legendary New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor – nicknamed “L.T.” – and his teammate, running back Ottis Anderson, took the stage in support of Trump.

Anderson won the MVP of Super Bowl 25, a 20-19 victory over the Buffalo Bills, best known for Whitney Houston’s iconic National Anthem performance that tugged at the heart strings of every patriotic American because the game took place in the middle of the first Gulf War.

Taylor is NFL royalty.

Over the course of his 13-year career, he redefined football by turning the sack into an artform, racking up 142 for his career, winning the 1986 NFL MVP award, making 10 Pro Bowl appearances, and earning eight All-Pro honors.

NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor endorses Donald Trump

Taylor is widely considered to be the greatest defensive player of all time and is in the conversation as the greatest pro-football player in history.

Trump invited Taylor and Anderson on the stage.

Taylor then stepped up to the microphone and said that he was a lifelong Democrat until Trump came along.

“I grew up a Democrat, and I’ve always been a Democrat until I met this man right here,” Taylor said.

Taylor then declared that no one in his family would ever vote for the Democrat Party again.

“Nobody in my family will ever vote for a Democrat again,” he said.

Taylor speaks to a growing trend

Polls show Donald Trump winning a higher percentage of the black vote than any Republican has in decades.

Lawrence Taylor is emblematic of the drift of black men into the GOP.

Recent polls from Quinnipiac and Marquette University Law School showed Trump winning 20 percent of the black vote.

Fox News’ most recent survey put that number at 26 percent.

The political parties are now diverging over the issue of education as opposed to race.

As college-educated whites make up a larger percentage of the Democrat coalition, their obsession with woke ideology and open borders is pushing working-class black voters out of the Party.

Joe Biden’s inflation – which makes home mortgages unaffordable due to high interest rates – is also helping Donald Trump win over black voters who remember that inflation was under two percent when he was President.

Lawrence Taylor’s endorsement was a nice local touch to a mega-Trump rally.

But it also could foreshadow a shift in the electorate that puts Trump back in the White House.

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