This shocking attack proves the corrupt FBI is too busy harassing conservatives to catch actual terrorists

Jan 4, 2023

Lately, the FBI has acted as though they are nothing more than the Left’s attack dogs. 

While they have been busy policing and shutting down speech on social media and harassing parents for attending school board meetings, actual dangerous criminals are slipping through the cracks. 

And this shocking attack proves the corrupt FBI is too busy harassing conservatives to catch actual terrorists.

On New Year’s a crazed man attacked New York police officers with a machete. 

The suspect, Trevor Bickford, was motivated by Islamic extremism. 

He shouted “Allahu Akbar” before charging at the officers unprovoked. 

The attack put three officers in the hospital. 

FBI let him slip past

Just weeks prior, Bickford’s mother tipped the FBI off about her son’s Islamic extremism. 

He was placed on a watchlist that would prevent him from traveling overseas, but was able to take a train from Maine to New York to carry out this attack. 

Before the attack, the NYPD had noted there was a threat that Islamic terror groups were mobilizing for a potential New Year’s attack. 

Representative Claudia Tenney (R-NY) called out the FBI for letting this dangerous terrorist slip past them. 

On an episode of Fox & Friends First, Representative Tenney said, “[H]ere’s the FBI, busy attacking President Trump, not really keeping us safe, going after all kinds of political enemies, not actual people on the streets. Here’s a guy on the terror watch list that slipped through the cracks. I wonder how many others are out there all across the nation and particularly in New York City that the NYPD has been unable to coordinate with the FBI to stop.”

Tenney noted that the FBI seems to be really focused on social media, but seems to be ignoring terrorists like Bickford being radicalized by Islamic extremism.

“I think they certainly would have had some information. Obviously, they’re doing a lot of surveillance on social media, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook. This young man was radicalized, obviously — probably through social media, because where else would he get information about the Taliban and Afghanistan?” she asked. 

The fact is that Islamic terrorism is still a major threat, but the Biden Justice Department is instead completely focused on the near non-existent “threat” of “right-wing domestic extremism.”

They have used that as an excuse to censor political speech and target the Left’s political opponents. 

Apparently, the FBI had plenty of time to tell social media companies who they want banned, or to raid former President Trump’s home for mementos, but they don’t seem to care about actually protecting Americans.

Meanwhile, actual terrorists are trying to hack apart police officers with a machete and the FBI is nowhere to be found. 

The politicized FBI is in need of serious reform and House Republicans must get to work to ensure it gets done. 

Both Americans’ rights and safety are at stake. 

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