This track star was just caught on camera getting booed off a plane after an egregious display of entitlement

Jan 27, 2023

“Shut up and sing” was a common refrain heard from fans about musicians who decided to give political lectures at concerts. 

More and more often, the phrase is being modified to apply to athletes who have decided to use their platforms to push the Left’s woke agenda. 

But this track star was just caught on camera getting booed off a plane after an egregious display of entitlement. 

Who is Sha’Carri Richardson?

Sha’Carri Richardson is an accomplished athlete, there’s nothing taking that away from her. 

Richardson won junior Olympic titles in both 2016 and 2017. 

The runner known for her long fingernails and colorful hair scored first place in the 2017 Pan American Championships in the 4 × 100-meter relay. 

As an LSU Lady Tiger, she won the 100-meter dash in the 2019 NCAA Division I Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

In 2020, she successfully qualified for the Summer Olympics. 

Controversy overshadowing career 

However, Richardson tested positive for THC and was suspended and disqualified from competing. 

She blamed her marijuana use on “stress management” following the death of her birth mother. 

However, she wasn’t even aware of the passing until a reporter asked her about it. 

Her suspension led to political outcry from the Left. 

NORML, Members of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, and even President Joe Biden took her side and requested rule changes on her behalf.

The following year, Richardson came out as a member of the LGBT community, saying she had a girlfriend. 

Her pot activism and lesbian relationship were enough to get Richardson a nomination for BET’s Sportswoman of the Year in 2022 – however, she fell short of winning. 

Her career has stalled since missing the Olympics. 

In her return from her suspension in 2021, Richardson finished dead last place in the Prefontaine Classic.

From track star to social “influencer” 

But her political activism has gained her some celebrity on social media. 

And apparently, Richardson wanted to talk to her social followers right before takeoff of a recent American Airlines flight. 

However, as you can hear in the above video, her phone was supposed to be stored for takeoff. 

Richardson decided to ignore the request and continue taking her selfie video. 

A steward can be seen walking into her shot and asking her to put the phone away. 

The former track star takes instant exception to the polite request, and loudly accuses him of harassment. 

Richardson then turns to her fellow passengers for validation. 

However, they’re not having it, and echo the calls for Richardson to put the phone away so they can take off and get to where they’re going. 

But the self-entitled athlete refuses and starts berating other fliers. 

In the end, Richardson was escorted off the plane.

In hindsight, does she recognize she behaved poorly on the flight? 

Far from it. 

Richardson actually posted the video looking for vindication. 


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