Tucker Carlson demanded Texans take this action after the Supreme Court’s border betrayal

Jan 26, 2024

The Supreme Court stabbed conservatives in the back by protecting Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

Everyone was left wondering what would come next.

And Tucker Carlson demanded Texans take this action after the Supreme Court’s border betrayal.

Texas has been left to fend for itself during the border crisis created by President Joe Biden’s lawless administration.

The federal government is facilitating an invasion of illegal aliens at the southern border by refusing to enforce the country’s immigration law.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded by launching a border security operation called Operation Lone Star that included laying down nearly 30 miles of razor wire to stop the flood of illegal aliens.

However, Border Patrol agents were instructed to cut the razor wire to let them enter the country.

But Texas sued the federal government for trespassing and damaging state property by cutting the razor wire.

The Supreme Court sided with the Biden regime in a stunning 5-4 decision that saw Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett join with the three Democrat-appointed Justices.

The High Court signed off on the lawless actions of the Biden regime by preventing Texas from defending itself from an invasion.

Texas tried to enforce the country’s immigration laws and was thwarted by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Supreme Court sided with the federal government even though it’s breaking the law to fuel the border crisis.

The ruling confirmed that the federal government has supremacy over immigration laws, leaving states with little recourse if the federal government refuses to do its job of enforcing it.

States have no right to defend themselves, according to the twisted logic of the Court’s majority.

Texas’ attempts to secure its border are being undermined every step of the way by the federal government.

Biden got the green light from the Supreme Court to dismantle Texas’ border security operation.

According to the Court’s decision, Texas is supposed to sit by and watch the state be overwhelmed by record numbers of illegal aliens.

Tucker Carlson urges men of Texas to rise up and defend their border

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that it was time for Texans to take drastic action in the wake of the Supreme Court’s betrayal.

Carlson said on social media that the White House, Wall Street, and the Supreme Court have decided to destroy the country by letting the border crisis occur.

He wondered where the “men of Texas” were and why they weren’t stepping up to defend the state’s border.

“So it’s unanimous: everyone in power, from the White House, to the hedge fund managers, to the Supreme Court of the United States has decided to destroy the country by allowing it to be invaded. That leaves the population to defend itself. Where are the men of Texas? Why aren’t they protecting their state and the nation?” Carlson wrote.

States are being thrown to the wolves by the rogue federal government during the Biden border crisis.

Joe Biden has no interest in doing the job that he was elected to do and enforcing the country’s laws.

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