Tucker Carlson dropped one fact about the Trump interview that put Fox News on notice

Sep 6, 2023

Tucker Carlson is building a media empire based around his new show on social media.

His interview with Donald Trump became the talk of the town. 

And Tucker Carlson dropped one fact about the Trump interview that put Fox News on notice.

Former President Donald Trump passed on attending the first Republican Presidential Primary debate hosted by Fox News because of his substantial lead against his GOP challengers. 

Instead, he pre-recorded an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that was released on social media just minutes before the debate started.

The wide-ranging Trump interview racked up 100 million views in four hours on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, while GOP contenders duked it out at the debate.

Tucker Carlson gives his insight on the timing of the Trump interview

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy sat down for an interview with Carlson on his show.

He questioned the former Fox News host about the timing of releasing his Trump interview right before the GOP debate.

Carlson revealed that the timing of the interview’s release was not his decision.

“To me, the Trump interview seemed like something — it looked like you guys were sticking it to Fox,” Portnoy said.

“I would never wanna stick it to Fox,” Carlson said with a grin that caused the Barstool founder to laugh.

“But the timing of it,” Portnoy noted.

“Well, it was the night of the debate, but the reason that it was, is because he didn’t want to do the debate. I didn’t make that decision for him,” Carlson explained. “He approached us and said, ‘You know, I’m not gonna do the debate,’ but if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t really believe him.”

Carlson said that the timing of the interview’s release was because Trump “doesn’t like Fox.”

The former President has fallen out of favor at Fox News after it was revealed that chairman Rupert Murdoch is reportedly backing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the GOP Primary.

“But they don’t like him,” Carlson said. “You know, they never did, and they always had rules about not allowing him on. My view was, I think it’s totally legitimate you just don’t like Donald Trump. I don’t hold that against anybody.”

Trump’s appearances on the network have been dwindling since he launched his Presidential campaign last November.

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that he was blacklisted from the network after almost a year without a single guest appearance.

Carlson said that the decision not to have Trump on the network because Murdoch doesn’t like him is hurting Fox News Channel’s credibility.

He pointed out that Fox was “not really covering the news anymore” by excluding Trump.

Portnoy backed him up by saying that Fox was “no different than any of the other networks” in cutting down on Trump appearances.

Fox News is opening the door for competitors because of its infuriating decision to give the former President and his movement the cold shoulder.

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