Tucker Carlson learned a terrible truth that left him reeling

Oct 27, 2023

Tucker Carlson is still reporting on the stories the establishment tries to hide from the American people.

Calrson shining a light on the elite’s schemes to sell out the American people is one reason Fox News fired him.

And Tucker Carlson learned a terrible truth that left him reeling.

Ever since the war in Ukraine began, Tucker Carlson’s been out in front, debunking the lies Joe Biden and the warmongers in the Swamp spoon fed the American people.

Biden pitched the idea that it was worth the risk of a human civilization ending nuclear war with Russia because America needed to defend the principle of democracy against autocracy no matter what.

From the get-go, the media, the Democrats, and Swamp RINOs have presented Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the American people as a combination of Winston Churchill and George Washington.

But the truth was that Zelensky was not the liberty-loving freedom fighter his champions in the establishment made him out to be.

Tucker Carlson’s latest episode of Tucker on X was an expose of how Zelensky persecuted Christians he considered enemies of the state.

“The Ukrainian government has now banned an entire Christian denomination, and virtually no one in the United States has said anything about it,” Calrson stated.

Calrson’s guest was attorney Bob Amsterdam, who represented the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which Zelensky banned as part of a political purge.

“The politicians in Ukraine, including perhaps the President, want to take the populist vote of those behind this new church and therefore feel it is in their political interest to destroy this ancient branch of Christianity,” Amsterdam stated. “And I absolutely can tell you that the damage that has been visited on the leadership of this church, including five year jail sentences for 75-year-old clerics, just astounds you that in the 21st century, a country that wants to join the EU would ban a religion, let alone an ancient Christian form of that religion.”

Zelensky claimed the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was linked to the Russian Orthodox Church and passed intelligence to Moscow.

“These charges are on their face political charges,” Amsterdam told Carlson.

Amsterdam added that Zelensky’s attempt to ban churches and arrest priests violated the Ukrainian Constitution, international law, and even the emergency powers granted to him during wartime.

“There is no basis under the Ukrainian constitution, or under international law, or the laws of war or Ukraine’s own resolution in terms of limited rights during the war for the banning of a religious denomination,” Amsterdam declared, before telling Carlson that Zelensky’s power grab is “beyond anything acceptable.”

Amsterdam lamented the fact that Joe Biden and the rest of America’s media, political, and foreign policy elite tossed America’s tradition of religious liberty in the trash bin to prop up Zelensky’s assault on a Christian Church that he considers a political opponent.

“It is shocking to me that a country such as the United States, with such strong Christian leadership, I thought, could allow this to go on,” Amsterdam continued. “Because what the Ukrainians try to tell you is that it’s the same religion, this OCU church, is the same religion. But in fact, my clients, the church I represent, their prayers are in Church Slavonic, their liturgy is different. And I can tell you as somebody who is not a youngster, were somebody to come into my church or synagogue and change the language and change the leadership, I would be horrified.”

American elites spent the last decade agitating for war with Russia.

Hillary Clinton campaigned for President in 2016 on a platform of starting World War III with Russia by establishing a no-fly zone over Syria.

That would have required American pilots to shoot down Russian war planes, which would ignite a war between the world’s two largest nuclear powers.

Donald Trump’s victory hit the pause button on the Swamp’s plan for war.

But the push for war is back on now that Joe Biden is in office.

And Tucker Carlson believes the American leadership class is ignoring the clear persecution of Christians in Ukraine.

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