Tucker Carlson revealed a secret about his phone calls with Donald Trump

Nov 16, 2023

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump are close allies.

But no one knew the extent of their conversations.

And Tucker Carlson revealed a secret about his phone calls with Donald Trump.

ABC’s left-wing activist Jonathan Karl keeps trying to cash in on Donald Trump’s political career.

Karl is out with his third anti-Trump book called Tired of Winning.

In the book, Karl revealed that Trump and Carlson began speaking more frequently after the war in Ukraine began.

Karl got Carlson on the phone, who confirmed that was the case.

“Karl phoned Carlson, who confirmed the two had started speaking more frequently in February 2022. Carlson told Karl that Trump is ‘more radical’ on Ukraine than he admits in public,” CNN’s Oliver Darcy reported.

Carlson is a staunch opponent of Joe Biden’s war against Russia in Ukraine and believes that it was insane to risk a civilization-ending nuclear war over the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

In the conversation with Karl, Carlson revealed that Trump agrees with him about the risks of Joe Biden’s war with Russia and that Ukraine isn’t a vital national security interest for the United States.

“The real reason he calls me is because he knows that I’m sympathetic to his basic program,” Carlson stated. “I hate the war in Ukraine more than anything, and I think it’s f*****g insane. And he’s like the only person who agrees with me on that.”

Trump said he could end the Ukraine war in a day and that any mistake in that conflict could lead to World War III, which will be fought with nuclear weapons.

“We are closer to World War III than we’ve ever been,” Trump told a crowd in Iowa. “And I’m the only one that will prevent World War III.”

“That won’t be a war with army tanks going back and forth, too,” Trump added. “That will be a war with weaponry the likes of which this world has never seen before … I know it. I know it better than anybody.”

The entire establishment is lined up behind this war in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s been an obsession of the foreign policy elites for nearly a decade, and it was the focal point of the first sham impeachment Nancy Pelosi brought against Trump.

Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy is why the establishment turned against him in the 2016 election and initiated the hysteria that led to the Russian-collusion hoax.

Carlson revealing that Trump is even more committed in private to ending the war in Ukraine is only going to set more hair on fire in the Swamp.

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