Tucker Carlson revealed one change Republicans need to implement that will make Democrats sick

Nov 11, 2022

Conservatives were not happy with the outcome of the Midterm elections.

The much-ballyhooed Red wave never showed up.

And now Tucker Carlson revealed one change Republicans need to implement that will make Democrats sick.

Midterm mayhem

Tucker Carlson assessed the state of play the day after the Midterm elections.

Republicans looked to gain a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, picking up far fewer seats than expected, and lost a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Carlson was not happy with the outcome and told viewers that the blame lay with the people tasked with winning the election: RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Carlson blasted all three as unmitigated disasters who failed to achieve the goal of winning control of both Houses of Congress.

“The people whose job was to win and did not win should go do something else now, we’re speaking specifically of the Republican leadership of the House and the Senate and of the RNC,” Carlson stated. “It’s nothing personal, no doubt some of them are nice people, but they took hundreds of millions of dollars to paint the map Red and they didn’t. Doesn’t mean they’re evil, doesn’t mean they should be jailed. It does mean they shouldn’t be promoted. No one should ever be rewarded for failure. If there’s a truly conservative principle in life, it’s the principle of meritocracy. You reward excellence, you do not reward mediocrity.”

Republican “Leadership” over promised and underachieved

McCarthy predicted a big win in the House and Republicans leaked to every beltway reporter that they expected to win the Senate with a 52 or 53 seat majority.

Despite the fact that McDaniel, McCarthy, and McConnell raised hundreds of millions of dollars, none of that happened.

McConnell and McCarthy expected promotions to Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House had the election gone their way.

Only McCarthy may accomplish that goal.

But Carlson told viewers that McCarthy, McConnell, and McDaniel should pay for this failure with their jobs.

“Republicans swore they were going to sweep a Red tsunami. That’s what they told us, and we, to be honest, cautiously believed them,” Carlson added. “But they did not sweep, not even close to sweeping. The Republican Party, in the end, may take control of the House and Senate, but only by a tiny margin at best. That’s great but it was not the plan.”

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