Tucker Carlson stunned viewers into silence by revealing who is trying to force Joe Biden to resign

Jan 20, 2023

Joe Biden’s hole continues to grow deeper.

But the source of political pressure on Joe Biden over stealing classified documents is coming from a surprising place.

And Tucker Carlson stunned viewers into silence by revealing who is trying to force Joe Biden to resign.

Tucker Carlson broke down the latest developments in the Joe Biden stolen documents scandal by expressing the bewilderment Americans feel watching the President’s own Party turn on him over the constant stream of revelations about him hoarding classified materials in his home and at a think tank paid for in part by money from Communist China.

“If you’re a normal person, it’s a pretty weird experience watching Joe Biden’s Presidency get euthanized by his own Party,” Carlson began. “On one hand there’s an undeniable thrill to it, you have to admit that. Biden is the most destructive President in American history. More things have broken under his watch than under any other President. Joe Biden deserves to be driven from office and disgraced.”

Each day brings new corporate-controlled media scrutiny and pressure on Biden.

A New York Times piece detailing the timeline of the scandal reported that Democrats – even those who work for Biden – admitted that the administration’s P.R. strategy is a failure.

“All of which has led to second-guessing among Democrats and even within the West Wing. Some in the White House, speaking on the condition of anonymity, acknowledged that the disciplined way that the President and his inner circle withhold information, sharing it only on a need-to-know basis in almost all cases, has hurt Mr. Biden in a situation where officials had the option to be proactive,” the Times reported.

Left-wing activist Jonathan Alter published an op-ed in the Times saying Biden should use this scandal as an excuse to honor the wishes of the two-thirds of Americans who do not want him to run for re-election and bow out of the race.

“Imagine instead that the President takes a leaf from Nancy Pelosi and decides not to run. Mr. Comer and the clownish members of his committee would probably end up training most of their fire on Democrats not named Biden. Democrats would ‘turn the page,’ as Mr. Obama recommended in 2008, to a crop of fresher candidates, probably Governors, who contrast better with Mr. Trump and would have good odds of beating a younger Republican. And the smiling old gentleman in the Corvette — his shortcomings forgotten and his family protected — would assume his proper place as a bridge between political generations and arguably the most accomplished one-term President in American history,” Alter wrote.

Carlson told viewers that forcing Biden out over stolen classified documents missed the mark on the extent of the President’s actual crimes.

“But for this? Breaking federal classification rules, some of the stupidest and most dishonest laws Congress has ever passed?” Carlson added. “It’s like arresting El Chapo for expired plates – it’s missing the point.”

Carlson then detailed all the true offenses Biden committed against America in both foreign and domestic policy.

“What a missed opportunity this is,” Carlson continued. “If you’re looking for crimes Joe Biden has committed, there is a very long list. Our country is being invaded, the world is on the brink of nuclear war, American cities have become slums, our economy is in shambles, even our airplanes no longer take off on time. It’s a disaster and Joe Biden and his staff have a hand in all of it.”

Democrats – of course – know all this.

They also know that Biden is already senile and will turn 82 next year.

And they are using the stolen classified material as their excuse to try and push Biden aside.

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