Waffle House patrons were in shock when they saw this NFL star show up with his entourage

Jan 20, 2023

Sometimes when you hit big milestones and accomplishments in your life it’s time to treat yourself. 

What a better place to splurge than Waffle House? 

And Waffle House patrons were in shock when they saw this NFL star show up with his entourage.

Sometimes you have to treat yourself

No one has to tell you, but you can’t deny that life is hard sometimes. 

No matter how much you fight to try to get yourself above water, sometimes it’s just not enough and that’s especially true these days. 

So when you accomplish something big and succeed, you need to celebrate your victories. 

Some people like to buy themselves things like a new gun or a watch every time they achieve a great accomplishment. 

Others like to go out to eat at a fine dining establishment to celebrate a special occasion. 

But not many people would consider Waffle House the go-to place to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life. 

Well, quarterback Trevor Lawrence thought Waffle House was the place to go after he pulled off one of the biggest comebacks in NFL playoff history with the Jaguars.

The Jaguars have been one of the best stories of the year for the NFL. 

To start the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars lost six of their first eight games of the year. 

Nearly everyone in the sports media was counting them down for the count and out of the NFL playoff picture. 

But the young team in the AFC had other plans. 

Since the start of December, the Jaguars went on a five game win streak to squeeze their way into the playoffs.

And this past weekend the doubters still dragged the Jags through the mud even after their amazing win streak. 

They were facing the red-hot Chargers. 

And to start the game the Jacksonville Jaguars were losing 27-7 going into the third quarter.

Many Chargers fans thought the game was done, but the Jags had other plans. 

Jacksonville went on a 24-3 run in the second half and won the game on a last second field goal 31-30.

Trevor Lawrence is the simple man’s quarterback

Trevor Lawrence was hyped about the win as it was his first playoff victory and one epic comeback on top of that. 

Trevor Lawrence is worth $40 million through his rookie contract and yet he decided to celebrate the big victory at his local Waffle House.

Lawrence literally showed up at the southern restaurant chain with about twenty people deep late last Saturday night. 

And when asked about it at a press conference earlier this week, Lawrence explained how they made a “reservation” at Waffle House.  

He continued by explaining how he got the Texas bacon cheesesteak, hashbrowns with cheese, and a pecan waffle. 

What a stud. 

We all know that odds are he went to Waffle House because he didn’t want to spend over one hundred and fifty dollars celebrating with his entourage of hungry football players. 

But it is still a classic move to celebrate your first playoff victory of your career at Waffle House. 

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