What Donald Trump did on CNN made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brain melt

May 12, 2023

Donald Trump took a big gamble and agreed to appear at a town hall event in New Hampshire.

By the end of the night, there was crying and gnashing of teeth on the Left.

And what Donald Trump did on CNN made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brain melt.

Fake news CNN activist Kaitlin Collins performed as expected.

Collins did her best to interrupt Trump as much as possible, ask him questions only leftists in the media care about, and debate him on behalf of Joe Biden.

Despite this biased performance from Collins – who flubbed her big chance in primetime to establish herself as a cable news star – Trump plowed ahead, made his arguments to the American people, and even brought the crowd along to his side as they cheered and laughed at his answers.

Trump took full advantage of the opportunity to confront a hostile moderator and left-wing activist cable news network to emerge even stronger in 2024.

Journalist Mark Halperin wrote in his substack newsletter:

And, in the crude and inevitable and necessary way in which such things are scored, Trump beat CNN decisively.

It wasn’t close.

Whatever lies he told, whatever pain he caused, however much the logic of Manhattan, Madison, Cambridge, and Santa Monica says no suburban mom could cast a(nother) ballot for that man – Trump actually scored a new substantive and psychic victory whose implications could last another fifty hours, or/and lead him inexorably back to the White House.

This reality did not escape the notice of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who ranted and raved on Twitter that CNN failed the nation and that Donald Trump should not be allowed on television.

“There is simply no way CNN can feign ignorance about the fact that they set up a sexual assault victim to be targeted and attacked on national television a day after the verdict. People were sounding the alarm about this exact scenario. They let it happen anyway without a plan,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

Ocasio-Cortez even hinted that it may be necessary to censor Trump on the grounds that allowing him to speak is “dangerous.”

“This, the choice to platform election disinformation, lies about January 6th, totally unchecked and reckless claims about abortion… they need to take ownership of what just happened. This cannot be normalized. It’s dangerous,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

CNN’s anti-conservative hatchet man, Oliver Darcy, even attacked his own bosses for allowing Trump on the air in the Reliable Sources Newsletter.

Darcy wrote:

It’s hard to see how America was served by the spectacle of lies that aired on CNN Wednesday evening.

Yet, he did. Trump frequently ignored or spoke over Collins throughout the evening as he unleashed a firehose of disinformation upon the country, which a sizable swath of the GOP continues to believe. A professional lie machine, Trump fired off falsehoods at a rapid clip while using his bluster to overwhelm Collins, stealing command of the stage at some points of the town hall.

The furious reaction on the Left tells you everything you need to know about how effective this appearance was for Donald Trump.

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