What Karine Jean-Pierre said about Donald Trump and Taylor Swift will knock your socks off

Feb 20, 2024

Democrats and the media want Taylor Swift to be a major talking point in the 2024 election.

Leftists are grasping at any straw to try and help Joe Biden.

And what Karine Jean-Pierre said about Donald Trump and Taylor Swift will knock your socks off.

The media wants Americans to believe that supporters of Donald Trump are a bunch of tinfoil hat wearing weirdos.

If voters just don’t like Donald Trump and his supporters, then Democrats think they will vote for Joe Biden in November.

Monmouth University sought to pitch in on this effort with what’s known as a “troll poll.”

A “troll poll” is a poll that is done to make the other side look foolish.

In this case, Monmouth polled Americans on the conspiracy theory that pop megastar Taylor Swift is secretly working with the Pentagon to re-elect Donald Trump.

Swift is likely going to endorse Joe Biden.

And Democrats are hoping to use her concerts for their voter registration – and potentially mail-in-ballot – efforts.

But Swift endorsed Biden in 2020 and was always going to support him anyway.

Monmouth found that about 18 percent of Americans believed in the Swift conspiracy theory, and 71 percent of those questioned the outcome of the 2020 election.

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre about the results of the poll, which teed her up for a tirade about how the 2024 election could end American democracy if Donald Trump wins.

“Look, I mean, we’ve talked about this before. Obviously, what we saw on January 6, 2021 spoke to, spoke to that. It was an attack on our democracy, and the 2,000-plus angry mob that was there was there falsely believing that they it was their right or they could be able to turn over, turn over, turn over an election that was, by the way, you know, there were Republican judges, Democrat judges, many others who said it was one of the safest elections that we’ve had and that the results obviously were the results of 2020,” Jean-Pierre ranted.

“And so do we have a concern about our democracy and where it’s going and protecting our democracy? The President speaks to this all the time. The President has made really critical key remarks about that,” Jean-Pierre added.

The poll served its purpose.

Of course, she left out the fact that 42 percent of the people who said they believed the conspiracy also revealed that the poll was the first time they had heard of it.

The media ignores all the conspiracy mongering on the Left that threatens democracy.

A 2022 Rasmussen poll found that 47 percent of likely voters believe the Big Lie that Russia changed the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election.

The Democrats want to blow this out of proportion to try and smear Trump and his supporters as conspiracy theorists who no normal person would want to associate with.

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