What Megyn Kelly just said about Melania Trump will leave you speechless

Sep 19, 2023

Megyn Kelly interviewed Donald Trump for the first time in seven years.

No one knew what to expect.

And what Megyn Kelly just said about Melania Trump will leave you speechless.

Trump’s rivals and the media spent seven years spreading lies and misinformation about his wife Melania.

Melania Trump was a very private First Lady who didn’t want to use the office to become a celebrity like Michelle Obama or launch a political career like Hillary Clinton.

Instead, Melania mainly just wanted to make sure the couple’s son, Barron, had the most normal life possible.

But that meant shying away from the spotlight, which the media took as a sign that Melania Trump silently protested her husband’s policies.

Sometimes the speculation grew even uglier.

During one period where she was out of sight for a few weeks, the media spread lies about how she was hiding to avoid showing the fact that her husband hit her in the face and gave her a black eye.

It turned out, however, that Melania was recovering from surgery.

Megyn Kelly addressed the unfair coverage of Melania in her interview with Trump.

Kelly told Trump that she found it absurd that Vogue Magazine never put Melania on the cover despite the fact that she was an accomplished fashion model before becoming First Lady.

“Do you believe they never put her on Vogue, on the cover of Vogue? And they just, they just let Karine Jean-Pierre in there?” Kelly asked.

Trump agreed and noted that Melania was on the cover of Vogue before, but said that the publication blacklisted her as a way to attack him.

“Now, can you believe it? Can you believe it? She was on the cover of Vogue before she met me? Yeah, And during. But once I said I’m running for President, that was, that was the end of the cover,” Trump stated.

In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press host Kristen Welker, Trump also addressed Melania’s status on the campaign trail and promised that she would hit the stump at the appropriate time.

“When it’s appropriate, but pretty soon,” Trump told Welker.

“She’s a private person, a great person, a very confident person and she loves our country very much. She’ll be at the appropriate time, she’ll be out there. Honestly, I like to keep her away from it — it’s so nasty and so mean,” Trump concluded.

Melania Trump is not a political animal and doesn’t love the idea of campaigning all over the country.

She is a private woman who understands her first job is to be a mother to her son.

Journalists find that foreign since they are immersed in the culture of the Washington, D.C. Swamp, where career advancement comes before all else.

And combined with the obvious Trump Derangement Syndrome, this leads to insanely biased and unfair coverage.

Was Melania Trump a good First Lady?

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