What the FBI just found in Joe Biden’s house turned into this huge nightmare

Jan 25, 2023

Scandal continues to engulf Joe Biden.

There is no end in sight.

And what the FBI just found in Joe Biden’s house turned into this huge nightmare.

The Department of Justice searched Joe Biden’s Delaware home on Friday and found six containers of stolen classified documents, which date back to Biden’s time in the Senate, meaning Biden may have stolen them as long as 50 years ago.

Breitbart reports:

The Justice Department conducted a search of President Joe Biden’s Wilmington home Friday and found even more documents with classified markings, according to Biden’s personal attorney on Saturday.

The latest trove includes six documents. The content of the classified materials is unknown.

The White House had previously claimed on January 14 the search for all classified documents was completed.

The trove is in addition to the about 25 classified documents unearthed by Biden’s personal attorneys in past weeks between the Penn Biden Center and Biden’s residence.

It’s unknown how many actual classified documents Biden stole because his lawyers weasel language about “containers” – meaning the search could have found folders, binders, or filing cabinets full of classified documents.

Fox News was also able to confirm that FBI agents appeared on the scene to supervise the search.

This is now the sixth set of stolen classified documents recovered at a property associated with Joe Biden.

This is by far and away the most problematic set of stolen classified materials for Biden.

Biden hoarding classified documents dating back to his time in the U.S. Senate means Biden can no longer claim his staff “inadvertently” scooped up a bunch of classified documents when they rushed to pack up the Vice President’s residence in 2017.

There is a clear pattern of behavior here where Biden likes to steal classified material he is not entitled to have access to.

In addition, Biden entered the Senate in 1973 and served until 2008.

The Department of Justice never disclosed how old these documents were.

And since Biden stole them when he was a Senator there is no way of knowing who had access to them in the meantime.

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