You will be in shock when you see how much money Liz Cheney made while she was in Congress

Jan 3, 2023

Liz Cheney is always the first one to call out others for corruption. 

But in all reality Liz Cheney is one of the swampiest Swamp creatures to ever work in Washington, D.C. 

And you will be in shock when you see how much money Liz Cheney made while she was in Congress. 

Over the past several years the American people have regretfully gotten to know Liz Cheney a heck of a lot more than they would have wished. 

Liz Cheney: The Ultimate Swamp Creature

Cheney put herself forward to be a true conservative and voice for her constituents. 

But her actions have shown that she is nothing but a puppet for the Left’s radical agenda as she works day-in and day-out to undermine the policies that her constituents want to put in place.

Just look back at what she has done since the beginning of 2021. 

When it came to January 6, there was not a bigger voice in Washington, D.C. – not even from the Left – that was more aggressive at attacking President Trump, his supporters, and hard-working Americans than Liz Cheney. 

And while she sat on Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6 Committee, she basically called every Republican and every Republican supporter a tool of corruption. 

Every chance she got she took a cheap shot at Donald Trump. 

And oftentimes she has called for Donald Trump’s prosecution over a lot of issues, including corruption. 

But as it turns out, one of the sleaziest politicians in Washington, D.C. is very likely Liz Cheney herself. 

Liz makes bank in Washington, D.C.

Liz Cheney is nothing but a product of the Swamp. 

We all know that her dad was one of the leading Swamp creatures in Washington, D.C. for years. 

And once her father left the Swamp, Liz Cheney made sure that she filled his role. 

But even though everyone knew that she was as sleazy as you can get, a new report is shocking even the biggest Cheney supporter.

Breitbart News investigated Liz Cheney’s net worth. 

And according to their reports, Liz Cheney’s net worth expanded by more than a whopping $7 million while she was in Washington, D.C.

Just think about that.

In just three short terms in Congress, Liz Cheney’s wealth grew by $7 million while only making $174,000 a year in her role in Congress. 

Where did all that other money come from?

We can all smell the stench surrounding Liz Cheney. 

And as she leaves Congress, we all know she is still happy as she will cash in even further on her time in Congress by likely becoming an industry lobbyist like many have before her. 

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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