You won’t believe the reason a brawl broke out at this Alaska school board meeting

Feb 23, 2023

The fight over the sexualization and grooming of children in government schools is raging in America.

Parents are trying their best to fight back at local school board meetings around the country.

And you won’t believe the reason a brawl broke out at this Alaska school board meeting.

The fight over our children is heating up in big cities and small towns all over the country.

And it’s no longer limited to just deep-Blue areas.

“Kinks, fantasies, and porn” 

Alaska has become the latest battleground state for the woke attempt to sexualize young children.

And to say things are getting hot in The Last Frontier is a gross understatement.

An Alaska school board meeting erupted into a fiasco after one member stood up to the board’s Vice President for silencing a concerned father. 

The concerned father was speaking out against sexually explicit materials in school libraries. 

“We hear so much about diversity, inclusion, and equity and how it’s one of the … main objectives of the school board in the school district,” Jay McDonald, a concerned father, said at an Anchorage school board meeting on February 7. 

“We don’t often see specific examples of what diversity, inclusion, and equity looks like, though. So today, I brought an excellent representation. This is like the archetype of diversity, inclusion, equity material that it’s one of the books that was just recently purchased for our libraries,” he went on.

The example of diversity, equity, and inclusion the concerned father raised was a book with pornographic imagery and sex advice called Let’s Talk About It

In one example, the book discusses “kinks, fantasies, and porn.”

“This is a book for kids!”  

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some porn, it’s a fun sugary treat,” the book reads. “When consumed right, porn can help you discover new aspects of your sexuality.”

“A great place to research fantasies and kinks safely is on the internet,” the book continues. “There’s tons of people and communities out there who share your interests and have all kinds of advice.”

McDonald read from the portion of the book that provided tips to kids on sending naked pictures to their peers. 

“This is a book for kids!” the dad exclaimed. 

“So, before you start sending your naughty masterpieces around the world, take some time to get friendly with photo editing, software, and apps,” the book says.

The Vice President of the board, Carl Jacobs, rudely interrupted McDonald and demanded he stop speaking against the book.

“I’m going to interrupt you at this point. Just sounds like you have a concern about a book, I’d be glad to get connected to the Superintendent or team to go through the appropriate processes,” Jacobs said.

McDonald replied, “I’d appreciate it if you don’t interrupt my time.” 

Jacobs insisted that the concerned dad could no longer speak about the book.

But school board member Dave Donley spoke out against his colleague’s decision.

I don’t think he’s violated any rules 

“Mr. President, I don’t think he’s violated any rules. I mean, he hasn’t used … bad words,” Donley said.

That resulted in a heated back and forth between the two board members until Donley formally appealed Jacob’s ruling. 

This brought the matter to a vote, which Donley and the father lost 5-2.

School board members Jacobs, Pat Higgins, Margo Bellamy, Kelly Lessen, and Dora Wilson voted to silence the father. 

Donley and Andy Holleman voted against the abhorrent decision. 

This is one more example of why homeschooling has taken off across the country.  

Deplorable Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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