A Yellowstone star revealed this secret to their career success

May 24, 2024

Yellowstone is one of the biggest hit shows on TV.

But the original series is winding down.

And a Yellowstone star revealed this secret to their career success.

Lainey Wilson hits it big in music and on Yellowstone

Country music star Lainey Wilson saw 2023 become her year. 

Wilson landed a recurring role on the fifth and final season of Yellowstone, playing Abby, a country music singer who befriends Ian Bohen Ryan, a hand on the Dutton ranch.

Wilson also took home the County Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year award.

That made Wilson the first woman to win that award since Taylor Swift in 2009.

Wilson is also set to star in the Hulu special Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country.

As Wilson’s career is blowing up, the music star told Fox News Digital rejections early on, as she attempted to make it big in the music industry, are what pushed her drive to succeed.

“I think a lot of the rejection really just kind of made me want it that much more. I am hardheaded. I really am, and if you could sit down and talk to my parents, you would realize why I am the way that I am,” Wilson said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

Wilson credits her parents for the stubborn streak that eventually allowed her to push past the doubters and the setbacks.

“Both of them, when they have their mind made up, that’s it. And I’ve had my mind made up from the very beginning that I was going to do this,” Wilson added.

Wilson noted she packed up and moved to Nashville in 2011 with no guarantees of making it big.

It took Wilson 13 years to take home her first Grammy, the award for Best Country Album for “Bell Bottom Country.”

“I didn’t know what it was going to look like, but I truly do think that that rejection and the time that it has taken me to get to this point, because, I mean, this year it’ll be 13 years that I’ve been in Nashville doing it,” Wilson stated.

Wilson explained to Fox that the reason she believes her music strikes a chord with fans is that everyone can relate to experiencing rejection and getting back up and trying to push forward.

“I think it’s really just a part of my story. And I think the Lord kind of wanted me to live a little bit more life so I could have more stories to tell, so I could relate to more people,” she added.

“That’s what it’s about when you kind of zoom out and you think about all of this. It’s important to remember and realize, why are we doing this? And what are we doing this for?” Wilson continued.

“It’s just because we all want to feel something. And, I think, because of that rejection, I think people can relate to some of my stories,” Wilson remarked.

Wilson gets a culture shock

Wilson – who was born in Louisiana – figured when she moved to Nashville everyone would speak with a southern accent or a country twang.

But Wilson quickly realized how wrong she was, as Nashville was the “big city” environment she never experienced in Baskin, Louisiana, a town of 250 people.

“As a little girl, you think, ‘Oh, I want to move to Country Music City.’ And you think you’re gonna show up, and everybody there’s going to talk the way that you talk. And that’s just not the truth,” Wilson said. “Nashville is a big old melting pot, and that’s kind of when I realized, too, that, man, you don’t have to be from where I’m from to eat, sleep and breathe country music,” Wilson exclaimed.

Wilson eventually met people from all over the world, which helped broaden her horizons as she realized the one thing everyone had in common was that they all loved country music.

“I became friends with people from Canada and Oregon and the East Coast and the West Coast. Everybody loved country music just as much as I love country music. They just didn’t talk like me,” Wilson concluded.

With Yellowstone set to wrap up in November and a new album entitled “Whirlwind” set for release this year, Wilson’s star is definitely on the rise.

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