Megyn Kelly pointed out one truth about the Trump witch hunts that Democrats will hate

Nov 20, 2023

Democrats think they’ve finally got Donald Trump after his four criminal indictments.

But they could have the tables turned on them in epic fashion.

And Megyn Kelly pointed out one truth about the Trump witch hunts that Democrats will hate.

Democrats have weaponized the Department of Justice against former President Donald Trump to derail his Presidential campaign.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Obama-era Justice Department official Jack Smith to lead the federal criminal cases against the former President over January 6 and allegedly mishandling classified documents.

Trump created a Democrat meltdown by offering a glimpse at his potential second term.

The former President has vowed to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden for corruption surrounding his family’s influence peddling operation.

Trump and his team are mapping out plans to use the Justice Department to shut down one of the biggest problems created by the Left during his first term.

They’re reportedly looking at using the Insurrection Act to deploy more military troops to quell potential left-wing riots during his potential second inauguration in 2025.

Democrats, without a hint of irony, accused Trump of wanting to weaponize the Justice Department against his political opponents.

Left-wing University of Virginia professor Saikrishna Prakash whined about the fact the shoe could be on the other foot for Democrats.

“It would resemble a banana republic if people came into office and started going after their opponents willy-nilly,” Prakash told the Washington Post. “It’s hardly something we should aspire to.”

Democrats are panicking about the possibility of Trump using the power of the executive branch during a potential second term.

Megyn Kelly slams Democrats for whining about the Justice Department being weaponized

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly laid into Democrats for their hypocrisy in complaining about a Trump Justice Department being weaponized during a second term.

“I have to say I love his [Trump’s] honesty,” Kelly said. “I do. Like I love how he’ll say ‘yes, I’m going to do that.’ Obviously, it’s in the context of ‘Hello, that is what they’re doing to me. And these are the risks of doing this to me.’ That’s very, very clearly what he’s trying to say. But what’s great about this… is it did exactly what he thought it would do. The Democrats melted down completely cluelessly un-self aware reaction to this alleged plan. As they’re like, ‘What who would weaponize the Justice Department against a political foe? It’s un-American. This is absolutely wrong!’”

According to Kelly, the public is seeing through the phony concern expressed by Democrats.

“I just can’t get over how clueless these Democrats sound and these media figures sound,” Kelly continued. “We’ve been following the news, and Trump is under four criminal indictments. He’s facing two civil fraud trials. Like who do you think you’re kidding? Anybody who gave two minutes of attention to the news understands no one in the Biden Justice Department wanted to indict Hunter. They were forced. Their hand was forced by that one federal judge who caught them trying to give him immunity.”

Biden created a two-tiered justice system by trying to let his son skate and dropping the hammer on Trump.

Democrats could live to regret their decision to weaponize the Justice Department against their political foes.

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