One Hollywood actor just made this stunning admission about Donald Trump

Feb 9, 2024

Hollywood is Ground Zero for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Actors love to make a public display of seeing who can launch the most insane and hateful attacks on Donald Trump.

But one Hollywood actor just made this stunning admission about Donald Trump.

Actor Michael Rapaport, who starred in movies like Higher Learning and TV shows like Boston Public and Only Murders in the Building, posted a video on social media announcing for the second time that he is considering voting for Trump in the upcoming election.

Rapaport first said he was thinking about voting for Trump after pro-Palestinian leftists took over the streets of New York City following the October 7 attacks in Israel.

What set Rapaport off this time was a video of a gang of illegal aliens pummeling a New York City Police Officer.

Rapaport posted a video to social media decrying the fact that Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg released these thugs without bail, where they then fled to California.

“The other day in New York City, six illegal aliens jumped a New York City cop. NYPD’s finest. They jumped a New York City cop in Times Square and were arrested and released without bail,” Rapaport declared.

Rapaport blasted Joe Biden for not lifting a finger to stop the border crisis and for creating a world where violent illegal aliens feel emboldened to come to America’s largest city and beat police officers without facing any consequences.

“Let me tell you something, what the f**k is the world coming to if you could be from another country, beat up a cop in New York City and walk out with no f*****g bail? What the f**k is the world coming to?” Rapaport wondered.

Rapaport then mocked Biden’s age and decrepit physical state by calling him a “cadaver.”

“Maybe my city is not the greatest city on earth anymore if you could beat up cops – If you could beat up cops in the ‘greatest city in the world’ and be released without bail. Are we the greatest city on earth? Cadaver Joe Biden, we see you! We f*****g see you!”

Rapaport then admitted that voting for Trump is “on the table.”

Republican Governors busing illegal aliens to Democrat-run “sanctuary cities” turned out to be one of the great political masterstrokes of all time.

It forced Democrat politicians and voters to confront the consequences of Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

And it’s driving a wedge in their coalition, as a CNN poll found 70 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border.

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