A CNN host was left speechless after she was asked this question about Joe Biden and the border

Feb 2, 2024

The legal battle between Texas and the Biden regime has put the spotlight back on the border.

This is leading to some uncomfortable conversations for Democrats. 

And a CNN host was left speechless after she was asked this question about Joe Biden and the border.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem appeared on CNN’s State of the Union after she traveled to the Texas border, which she described as a “warzone.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and President Joe Biden are locking horns over the state’s right to secure its border in the face of an invasion of illegal aliens.

The federal government filed an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court to allow federal authorities to remove the razor wire that Texas put up near the border.

The Biden regime was handed a surprise victory in the case by the Court when Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett made the astounding decision to side with the three left-wing Justices.

While the border crisis is heating up, RINOs and Democrats are working behind closed doors to draft a phony border security bill that permits nearly two million illegal aliens per year to enter the country, gives them work permits, and gives Biden the funding to process them and ship them across the country.

Biden is claiming that he’ll shut down the border if Congress passes the bill, but he already has the power to do it.

He and Congressional lawmakers want to take a victory lap in an Election Year by falsely claiming they did something about the border.

CNN host is left speechless after a question about the border

CNN host Dana Bash tried to paint conservatives in Congress as the obstacle to securing the border by opposing the phony border security bill.

“You just mentioned, this issue has been stalemated because of politics for decades. And maybe he [Biden] does have some abilities but the asylum process and the detention process. I mean, it is a mess. So why not at least fix that? Why not take yes for an answer?” Bash asked Noem.

“I think that he would have the ability to fix that broken immigration policy, if the President could show that he was acting in good faith. Make an announcement that you’re changing your policies, you’re reallocating resources, and going to start protecting the United States of America, and you’d have Republicans coming down to the White House asking that — to be partners on fixing our immigration policies,” Noem replied.

Bash maintained that Biden was negotiating in good faith and doing what Republicans wanted by taking action on the border.

“Governor, President Biden is negotiating. He didn’t want to do any of this. He’s negotiating because this is what Republicans wanted them to do. So why not take the win?” Bash asked.

“What has he done?” Noem fired back.

Bash was dead silent after that question.

“What has he done? He’s done nothing as far as actual policies and actually using the tools that he has. I sat two days ago with people that work for him that said, ‘this President is tying our hands every single day. He does not let us do our job,’” Noem explained.

Joe Biden won’t do anything to secure the border because facilitating the invasion of illegal aliens is one of his top political priorities.

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