CNN had a brutal reality check that Letitia James is going to hate

Feb 29, 2024

A Democrat Judge gave New York Attorney General Letitia James a big win over Donald Trump.

But Trump may end up with the last laugh. 

And CNN had a brutal reality check that Letitia James is going to hate.

James taunts Trump over civil fraud verdict 

James spent years investigating Donald Trump and came up empty on criminal charges.

Instead, James weaponized New York’s civil fraud statute to sue Trump by claiming that he inflated the value of his assets, even though there were no victims and all of the banks he borrowed from made money on the deals.

Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron made sure this Stalinist show trial arrived at the desired result and fined Trump $364 million.

If Trump wanted to appeal the ruling, then he had to post a bond that represented the total amount of the appeal plus interest, which brought the price of the appeal to $460 million.

After the verdict, James began posting the amount of interest accruing on the judgment each day on Twitter.

CNN legal analyst slaps down James

Former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig slammed James’ juvenile conduct.

James campaigned on the promise of using her office to investigate Trump.

Honig said that by taunting Trump about the interest on the judgment, James confirmed that this was a politically motivated case that has nothing to do with justice.

“I think it’s a terrible look, and you showed this before what the Attorney General has been doing the last several days is every day tweeting out ‘plus 114,000-whatever dollars’ in interest. She’s mocking him, let’s be honest, she’s rubbing it in his face, she’s gloating,” Honig said on Anderson Cooper’s show. “It’s not a good look when Donald Trump‘s argument to the public and to his voters is that she targeted me politically.”

“Now we know she ran for office, she said it dozens of times during her campaign for AG, vote for me, I’ll go after Trump,” Honig added. “Now, she’s piling on and sort of reveling in it and if I was advising her, I would tell her to knock it off.”

Donald Trump announced that he will appeal the ruling.

Many legal experts believe Trump has an eventual path to victory in the Supreme Court on the grounds that a $364 million fine violates his Eighth Amendment rights against cruel and unusual punishment and excessive fines.

James never claimed that Trump defrauded anyone and, in his opinion, Engoron even admitted that Trump didn’t commit a “mortal sin.”

James’ behavior on social media won’t help her case in the appeals process, as courts will see that she brought this suit and asked for the hundreds of millions of dollars in fines in order to settle a political grudge.

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