Donald Trump just made this huge announcement about his Vice Presidential pick

May 7, 2024

Donald Trump is narrowing down the shortlist to be his running mate.

There is now major news on that front.

And Donald Trump just made this huge announcement about his Vice Presidential pick.

Trump answers questions about contenders to be his Vice President 

Donald Trump used a rare day off from his rigged political show trial in Manhattan to campaign in the critical swing state of Wisconsin.

Trump hit the local media since these interviews give a candidate the chance to reach a broad audience of swing voters, as the 6PM and 11PM newscasts are often the highest-rated shows on local broadcast affiliates.

FOX6’s Jason Calvi used a wide-ranging interview to try and get Donald Trump to spill the beans on who he planned to pick as his running mate.

“Last question on the VP shortlist. You got a big retreat this week, and you’re going to have a lot of the leading candidates for that shortlist. Who’s on the shortlist? Doug Burgum, Tulsi Gabbard, who are you looking at?” Calvi asked before tattling off some rumored names on Trump’s shortlist.

Trump kept his cards close to the vest.

“I mean, all good names. We were speaking before, all good names,” Trump responded.

“Marco Rubio?” Calvi tried again.

“Marco’s great. I think he’s been great,” Trump answered.

“He’s one of your tops?” Calvi followed up.

Trump reveals running mate selection timeline 

Trump did throw Calvi a bone and revealed that his Vice Presidential selection would come before the convention.

“Well, he’s one of the people I respect. I can tell you Marco’s been great. But, so many people ask that question, usually it’s done right around the convention,” Trump added.

“So, it’s going to be done, and maybe it’s going to be done before you, because here we are in Wisconsin. We’ll be making that decision, I think, closer to Wisconsin-time, if you want to know the truth. It’s very early right now,” Trump concluded.

Everyone wants to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

Polls show Trump is the clear favorite to win the election.

This would also be Trump’s second term, which means whoever he picks only has to wait four years to run for President.

And by virtue of serving as Trump’s number two, it gives whoever he picks a leg up in 2028.

Conservatives hope Rubio isn’t the pick.

Rubio supports amnesty, red flag gun confiscation laws, and agrees with Liz Cheney on foreign policy.

But the 12th Amendment could solve that problem.

The Constitution says if the President and Vice President come from the same state, then that state’s Electoral College votes won’t count.

No Republican can win the Presidency without Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes.

That electoral reality may preclude Rubio from being Trump’s running mate.

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