Fani Willis hid this deadly secret about her criminal case against Donald Trump

May 7, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis finds herself sitting on a seat that gets hotter by the moment.

Scandalous revelation after scandalous revelation about Willis’ conduct has her on the ropes.

And now it’s come to light that Fani Willis hid this deadly secret about her criminal case against Donald Trump.

Willis hid Trump investigation from Fulton County board 

Willis stands accused of concealing the budget line item for hiring her lover Nathan Wade from the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

In 2021, Willis allegedly used funds earmarked for resolving the backlog of cases in Fulton County to hire Wade.

By December of 2020, Fulton County had 149,000 unresolved cases, and prisoners were dying and suffering in the medieval conditions of the decrepit Fulton County Jail.

Willis never put in the request to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to hire Wade for their approval by using the $75 million given to her to conceal the funding for the Trump probe.

Georgia State Senate investigating Willis

The Georgia State Senate is investigating Willis for misuse of taxpayer funds.

Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Rob Pitts provided damning testimony confirming that Willis hid her scheme on how to prosecute Trump.

“So she hadn’t really told you how she spent the money?” Georgia Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert asked Pitts.

 “No sir,” Pitts responded.

Pitts also confirmed that the Board allocated “many millions of dollars” to Willis’ office “to get caught up on a backlog of criminal prosecutions.”

“And when you did that, there was no mention of any election integrity case, was there?” Cowsert followed up.

“I believe that’s correct,” Pitts answered.

Cowsert laid the groundwork to show just how far afield Willis’ request actually was.

“So, as a commission, you weren’t aware that you were funding an election interference case, certainly not before 2023, which would have been three years after the election?” Cowsert then asked.

“I think that’s correct,” Pitts replied.

Pitts then explained that it was impossible to tell how much of the $75 million the Board earmarked for Willis was spent on its legitimate purpose of eliminating the backlog of cases and how much went to the politically motivated witch hunt against Donald Trump.

“Whatever part of that $75 million that she received, and how much was used for the backlog, how much was used for the YSL case, how much was used for the election interference case, we don’t know. And we’re not being given any information, other than with the backlog,” Pitts testified.

“That’s probably easier to quantify. I don’t know how she would give us, or any District Attorney, for that matter, would give us a report for how a case is going until it’s concluded,” Pitts added.

Pitts confirms allegations that Willis never got the Board’s approval to hire Wade

Nathan Wade had never worked a felony case before.

Trump co-defendant Mike Roman alleged that Willis unlawfully hid Wade’s hiring from the Board because they never would have approved hiring an inexperienced lawyer for this job.

Pitts confirmed that the Board was “not advised of the hiring of the — and not that it was required — of a special prosecutor nor the payment, hourly rate, whatever the rate was.”

The testimony from Pitts hit at another central argument about the indictments against Trump by elected Democrat prosecutors like Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg.

And that’s the fact that they are ignoring their job to prosecute real crimes in order to pursue election interference cases against Trump for the benefit of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

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