Dr. Phil told Jesse Watters one jaw-dropping truth about the border crisis

Feb 29, 2024

TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw is among the millions of Americans who are concerned about the illegal immigration crisis.

McGraw just got back from a trip to the border.

And Dr. Phil told Jesse Watters one jaw-dropping truth about the border crisis.

Dr. Phil blasts leftists who smear critics of open borders as racists 

In speaking to Border Patrol agents, Dr. Phil learned some disturbing facts about how the Biden administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws and is releasing millions of illegal aliens into the country.

Dr. Phil said the administration does not conduct DNA testing at the border to make sure children are released to a relative, which allows cartels to take them into child sex slavery.

But Dr. Phil told Fox News host Jesse Watters that the Left bullies Americans into silence on this matter by attacking them as “haters.”

“People are just saying, look, it’s easier not to speak out, and that has to stop. There has to be a call to action. This middle group of people throughout America that care about this country, love this country, need to say enough is enough and too much is too much, and I’ve got to stand up and speak up,” Dr. Phil stated.

Dr. Phil said his patriotism requires him to speak out 

Dr. Phil told Watters that sometimes you just have to take a stand.

And as an American who loves his country and cares deeply about its success, he had to risk the Left trying to destroy him professionally and speak out.

“Look, I love this country. I do. I stand up when the flag goes by, I put my hand over my heart when they play the National Anthem, and people criticize me for that. I don’t think this country is perfect, and I love it enough to admit that we have things we need to work on. That just goes on a to-do list. But I love this country, and we need to all stand up for this country and stop apologizing for this country. Stop apologizing for having rules and guidelines, stop apologizing for having a border that’s not a turnstile. I’ve been to the border. I’ve just been there one time, I’m not saying I’m a border expert, I’m certainly not a politician, but I’ve talked to the border agents down there,” Dr. Phil added.

Dr. Phil explained that members of the Border Patrol aren’t asking for much other than the opportunity to do their job, protect the border, and keep Americans safe.

“These are dedicated men and women, Jesse, they are, and they are so frustrated that they’re not allowed to do their job. They wanted to guard the border, they wanted to patrol the border, and they’ve become social workers,” Dr. Phil concluded.

Dr. Phil has been on a media tour to inform as many Americans as possible about the catastrophe that Joe Biden set in motion at the border.

Dr. Phil taking on an increasingly political profile leads observers to wonder if he is prepping the ground for a run for elected office.

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