Thomas Massie exposed an awful truth about Mike Johnson that he wanted to keep hidden

May 7, 2024

Mike Johnson has completed his betrayal of conservatives to become a puppet of the Swamp.

The major victories he’s handed the Swamp are worse than anyone could have ever predicted.

And Thomas Massie exposed an awful truth about Mike Johnson that he wanted to keep hidden.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) handed the Swamp its biggest win of the year when he folded on more money to secure Ukraine’s border while ignoring our country’s border security.

Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are trying to oust Johnson with a motion to vacate the chair, which is the same tactic that cost former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) his job.

It could force him to rely on Democrats to keep his job as Speaker after he delivered on their agenda.

Massie broke down the three major betrayals that Johnson committed as House Speaker.

Mike Johnson passed a bloated Democrat spending bill

“The first betrayal was the omnibus bill,” Massie said. “Under Kevin McCarthy, we did seven separate spending bills. And then when Mike Johnson took over, did we start working on the other side? No, you threw the seven in the trash.”

Johnson returned to jamming all federal spending into one bill, which made it harder to oppose specific items.

“All the hard work that we had done, Mike Johnson disposed of and decided to do an omnibus bill – an omnibus bill that spent more than Nancy Pelosi’s omnibus bill (passed in late 2022), an omnibus bill that builds the FBI a brand new building,” Massie explained.

The FBI is getting a new $4 billion headquarters in Maryland after the Bureau flagrantly violated the law to target conservatives.

Massie – who serves on the House Judiciary Committee – said the FBI has been stonewalling the Committee in investigations to hold them accountable.

“Meanwhile, we’re over here in our Judiciary Committee asking them for answers,” Massie said. “They mock us, they thumb their noses at us, and why shouldn’t they? We’re going to build them a new building and send them strongly worded letters, as if we’re going to do something about their insolence.”

Mike Johnson cast the deciding vote to let the FBI spy on Americans without a warrant

Conservatives were fighting to include an amendment that would require Deep State intelligence agencies to get a warrant to spy on American citizens in the renewal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The Republican establishment falsely claimed that conservatives in Congress have to go along with the Democrats because of the slim GOP House majority.

“You can say, well, for Mike Johnson, he’s got such a slim majority,” Massie explained. “You can’t get everything you want. Marjorie Taylor Greene or Thomas Massie he’s got such a slim majority,” he said. “He was the slim majority that cast the deciding vote that says you can spy on Americans without a warrant. It was 212 to 212, go look it up.”

Johnson funds foreign wars with Chuck Schumer 

Massie said that the third betrayal was working with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to come up with $100 billion for foreign wars.

“Why is it that on all three betrayals the Senate didn’t change a word of these bills when they went to the Senate from the House?” Massie asked. “It’s because Mike Johnson was doing Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden’s bidding.”

Mike Johnson has given Democrats control of the House by passing their key agenda items. 

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