Josh Hawley just blew the whistle on a green energy scandal that Joe Biden wanted to hide

Apr 22, 2024

Joe Biden is spending a fortune trying to boost his green energy agenda.

It’s creating a golden opportunity for politically-connected insiders.  

And Josh Hawley just blew the whistle on a green energy scandal that Joe Biden wanted to hide.

President Joe Biden has made forcing green energy on the country a top political priority for his administration.

Since he entered the White House, he’s spent nearly $1 trillion on green energy.

This has created an alarming conflict of interest at the agency tasked with the country’s energy policy.

Biden Energy Secretary grilled over her corruption

Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Jennifer Granholm testified at a hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) slammed her for the culture of corruption that’s permeated throughout the Department she’s running.

 “When you were here last, I talked with you about the fact that more than 130 officials in the Energy Department reported more than 2,700 trades of shares, bonds, and options in companies that ethics officers said were directly related to the Agency’s work,” Hawley began. “This is institutionalized corruption. And I asked you point blank, ‘Do you own any individual stock?’ And you told me, ‘No.’”

Granholm told Hawley in 2023 that she and her husband didn’t own individual shares of stocks.

But that was a lie.

Her husband owned stock in Ford – a company that has benefited from electric vehicle subsidies from the Biden administration.

“Turns out that was false,” Hawley continued. “You did own multiple individual stocks and you neglected to report it to this Committee for months afterwards. Why did you mislead this Committee?”

“Oh, my goodness,” a stunned Granholm exclaimed. “I believed that I had sold all individual stocks. And I was incorrect.”

Energy Secretary promoted electric bus company she worked for 

Electric bus maker Proterra was touted by Biden – who did a virtual visit to one of the company’s plants –  and Granholm as the future of green public transportation.

The Biden administration sent taxpayer money to cities to help them buy electric buses.

Granholm served on the board of Proterra before she became Energy Secretary and owned stock in the company.

She was promoting Proterra as Energy Secretary while she still owned stock in the company that makes buses. 

Granholm claimed that she had no idea what stocks she sold.

Hawley grilled her about her scandalous conflict of interest with Proterra.

“You’re here before this Committee a year later, after actively misleading us, after denying and delaying and delaying. And now you won’t tell us. Was one of them Proterra?” Hawley asked. “You sat on the board of directors at Proterra. You made millions in end reports and stock options at Proterra then you, you promoted Proterra stock and Proterra products as Energy Secretary. Was that one of the stocks that you sold?”

“This is so, I mean, really?” Granholm responded.

Proterra filed for bankruptcy last year despite the Biden administration trying to subsidize the purchase of its buses with aid to cities.

“It is institutionalized corruption that you are now the face of and here’s what I’m trying to figure out,” Hawley said.  “I just want to know who really runs the Energy Department. Is it you? Or is it the mega-corporations whose stock that you own that you’re making profits in?”

The rush to spend money on green energy is letting the politically connected insiders make out like bandits.

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