A liberal comedian spoke one truth about George Soros that caught everyone off guard

Feb 13, 2023

Liberal comedians make everything about politics these days.

But sometimes even they get surprised by what comes next.

And a liberal comedian spoke one truth about George Soros that caught everyone off guard.

On the latest episode of HBO’s Real Time, liberal comedian Bill Maher could not believe that no one in his audience clapped at the idea that violent criminals belong in jail.

Maher began the discussion by noting a Los Angeles Times report about surging crime in Portland, which is home to Antifa and where Black Lives Matter set up an autonomous zone during the insurrection of 2020.

“Almost all cities are Democratically-run and this is one of the big talking points on the Right — that cities in America are falling apart [and] they’re run by Democrats, [so] why aren’t we blaming the Democrats?” Maher said after bringing up the report.

Cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco all suffered from surging crime thanks to Soros-backed prosecutors winning election and supporting no cash bail programs while refusing to prosecute real crimes.

“This is a big Achilles heel for the Democrats, is it not?” Maher asked panelist and Democrat Party strategist Paul Begala.

The results of the Midterm elections support Maher’s claim.

Republicans gained the majority in the House of Representatives by winning four swing districts in New York on the back of crime spiraling out of control in New York City.

“Oh, they need to get out in front of it. They need — I want a Democrat to stand up and say, ‘you know something? Some people belong in jail.’ The rapists, the murderers —” Begala began.

Maher interjected and noted that only one person in the audience clapped for the idea that people belong in jail.

“One clap for that! I think that’s very interesting,” Maher exclaimed. “Let’s just pause there. One person is like, yes, some people belong in jail and everybody else is going. No, they don’t, nobody belongs in jail.”

“I’m going to go out on a limb,” Maher continued, before adding that “some people do belong in jail.”

Woke ideology is not just a problem for Democrats in education.

Woke prosecutors are winning elections because the Party base thinks police and the criminal justice system are systemically racist.

But while those prosecutors may be winning their races in deep-Blue cities, it is costing the Party big time elsewhere around the country.

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