Joe Biden will freak out when he sees these scary new poll numbers

Apr 26, 2024

The General Election took another twist.

Biden and the Democrats thought the ground was shifting in their favor.

But Joe Biden will freak out when he sees these scary new poll numbers.

Swing state polls show Trump establishing solid leads

There was much talk in the press about how the polling since the State of the Union – where the media tried to convince the public that a confused and angry Biden turned in a Churchillian performance – moved the race in Biden’s favor.

That all ended with the latest round of swing state polling from Bloomberg and Morning Consult.

The poll shows Trump leading Biden by six points across Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The main takeaway from the poll was the fact that Trump re-established his lead over Biden as voters moved on from the State of the Union and focused on the failures of Bidenomics.

According to Bloomberg, voter pessimism about Bidenomics is pushing the polls in Trump’s favor, as only a tiny minority expect the economy to improve by the end of the year.

“The reversion comes as poll respondents offered a bleak near-term view of the economy, the issue that has consistently registered as their top concern at the ballot box. A majority of swing-state voters see worsening economic conditions in the coming months, with fewer than one in five saying they expect inflation and borrowing costs to be lower by the end of the year. Despite a resilient job market, only 23% of respondents said the employment rate would improve over the same time period,” Bloomberg reported.

Biden’s fundamental weakness

Presidents usually get a bump from the State of the Union because they speak to a mass audience and receive glowing press coverage after being able to deliver their message unfiltered to the public.

The same polling phenomena occurs after a candidate’s acceptance speech at the convention.

Senior manager of Morning Consult Matt Monday warned Democrats that voters were tuned in on the economy as their number one issue.

“Some of the shine of the State of the Union Address has worn off,” Monday said. “People are really tying Bidenomics and their perception of the economy to the inflation rate.”

This is bad news for Biden.

“More than three quarters of poll respondents said the president is responsible for the current performance of the US economy, and nearly half said he was “very responsible,” Morning Consult also reported.

The pessimism is well grounded.

Inflation continued to run hot at a 3.5 percent year-over-year growth in March, which ended any talk of the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates this summer.

Joe Biden made this bed by igniting the inflation crisis with a socialist spending spree that was financed by the Fed printing trillions of dollars in new money.

Now Biden has to sleep in it, and voters in the key swing states are ready to blame him for the sorry state of the economy.

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