Donald Trump delivered one warning that will scare the hell out of Adam Schiff

Apr 29, 2024

Adam Schiff (D-CA) spent the last eight years leading witch hunt after witch hunt against Donald Trump to try and put him in prison.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

And Donald Trump delivered one warning that will scare the hell out of Adam Schiff.

Trump warns Democrats that waging lawfare will backfire

When Joe Biden and the Democrats weaponized the justice system against Donald Trump, critics slammed the move as a shortsighted destruction of political norms.

Once one Party let the genie out of the bottle and opened the door to prosecuting political opponents, it would be impossible to reverse.

Democrats didn’t care and proceeded to enlist the most partisan prosecutors in America to indict Trump for the purpose of election interference since polls showed Joe Biden as the underdog in the Presidential race.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly reminded Trump that one of the defining moments of the 2016 election came in the third Presidential debate when he shot back with “because you’d be in jail” after Hillary Clinton claimed his being in charge of the Justice Department would lead to criminal charges for his political opponents.

No such thing happened, as Trump let Clinton off the hook, thinking it would help unite the country after a bitter election.

Kelly wondered if Trump regretted that move.

“I think you locked up the election with that moment,” Kelly stated. “But you didn’t follow through on that. Yet, they are trying to put you in jail. Now, my question is, you were asked about that. You said, ‘Look, these are good people. I don’t want to hurt them.’ And I kind of thought that was a very honorable thing to say. What happens if you become president again regarding them and the rest?”

Trump’s answer should serve as a warning to Democrats

Trump told Kelly that he thought a gesture of good will would get Democrats to accept the results of the election.

Instead, the Left lost their collective managers and launched lawfare in the hopes that partisan prosecutors, Deep State bureaucrats, and judges would assist a coup to overturn the election and overthrow him from power.

Trump told Kelly that Democrats should expect no free passes in a second Trump administration.

“Well, let me tell you, I didn’t want to. I thought it would be a terrible thing, and there were opportunities, obviously, and good, strong control. Everything was good, but I did not want to. And I thought it would be a terrible thing for our country,” Trump began.

“They don’t care. These people are radical lunatics. They don’t care and they have to be very careful with what they’re doing because it comes back to bite,” Trump continued.

“And you’re right about it. I had plenty – I had putting her– that would’ve been a horrible thing to do, I thought. But they don’t mind doing it,” Trump concluded.

Democrats know they are in trouble

Adam Schiff (D-CA) admitted to the Los Angeles Times that he’s discussed the possibility of going to prison if Trump wins the election.

“We’re taking this seriously, because we have to,” Schiff told the Times. “We’ve seen this movie before and how perilous it is to ignore what someone is saying when they say they want to be a dictator.”

Schiff’s work on the January 6 Committee is facing intense scrutiny as a Congressional investigation led by Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) found the Committee destroyed records and allowed witnesses to deliver false testimony in public hearings.

The report from Loudermilk’s Committee could very well be used as the basis for criminal prosecutions of Schiff and the other members of the January 6 panel.

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