Megyn Kelly took everyone by surprise with this confession about Donald Trump

Apr 29, 2024

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump have had a famously complicated relationship over the years. 

No one was quite sure where things stood between them. 

And Megyn Kelly took everyone by surprise with this confession about Donald Trump. 

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump have gone back and forth over the years

One of the most memorable moments of the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary came at a 2015 Fox News debate where sparks flew in an exchange between former President Donald Trump and moderator Megyn Kelly.

She asked him about his comments toward women and cited actress Rosie O’Donnell as an example.

Trump fired back at her on Twitter after the debate, and a rivalry was born.

Kelly revealed that they patched up their relationship last year after connecting at an event in Florida for the college Republican group Turning Point USA.

“All that nonsense between us is under the bridge. He could not have been more magnanimous,” Kelly said.

Trump sat down with her for a lengthy interview on her SiriusXM show last September, eight years after their famous Fox News debate.

But it appeared that the feud was back on at a March campaign rally for Trump in Georgia.

“Megyn Kelly, may she rest in peace,” Trump said. “She’s sort of making a career by pretending she likes me.”

Megyn Kelly reveals who she voted for in the 2020 election

Kelly said on her SiriusXM show that she voted for Trump in the 2020 election despite their antagonistic relationship at that point.

“I had a long contentious relationship with Donald Trump, you may be aware. And going into 2020, I didn’t know whether I could pull the lever for him. I really didn’t,” Kelly said. “The world had shifted under our feet.”

She said that her vote was motivated by the explosion in wokeness from the Left.

“The world had shifted under our feet,” Kelly explained. “It had gone crazy with DEI [diversity, equity, and inclusion] and with the trans ideology nonsense that was being shoved down my own kids’ throats at school. And I really wrestled with it.”

Kelly talked with her Democrat doctor about politics and broke down when she told her she pulled the trigger for Trump in 2020.

“When I went in to see her after the 2020 election, I told her I voted for Donald Trump and I almost cried,” Kelly recalled. “She asked me why I voted for him, and I told her it wasn’t about me. It was about my concern for this country, my children, what was happening, in particular, in this culture lane but in other lanes as well.”

The former Fox News host has become an outspoken critic of the radical transgender movement and said that she voted for Trump in 2020 to stop them.

She cited President Joe Biden’s recent move to have his Education Department reinterpret Title IX, opening the door to protecting transgender women and creating kangaroo courts to try to men on college campuses in rape and sexual assault cases.

“I voted for Donald Trump to prevent things like this, like what happened today with Title IX,” Kelly said. “When I saw the news of what Joe Biden just did to women’s rights and due process for young men on college campuses, and free speech, I was horrified. And my second reaction was at least I don’t have this blood on my hands.”

She said she is willing to vote for Trump again in the 2024 election.

“In 2024, I don’t care, I would vote for RFK Jr., I would vote for Trump,” Kelly stated. “I think Trump is the only answer because, to be perfectly honest with you, RFK Jr. is kind of weak on this issue. But there is no way in hell I will vote for Joe Biden or anyone who supports this abomination.”

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