Marjorie Taylor Greene took the gloves off with this major message to Mike Johnson

Apr 19, 2024

House Speaker Mike Johnson thought he could get away with selling out conservatives.

But Johnson made the biggest miscalculation of his career.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene took the gloves off with this major message to Mike Johnson.

Mike Johnson draws conservative ire 

Shortly before Congress left town for the Easter recess, Greene (R-GA) introduced a motion to vacate the chair and remove Johnson.

Greene – as well as other conservatives – were livid with Johnson caving in on a spending fight with Joe Biden.

Johnson agreed to a $1.2 trillion bill that kept the borders open and funded Joe Biden’s woke and weaponized government.

Greene didn’t immediately call for a vote in hopes that introducing the motion would send a message to Johnson that it was time to shape up.

Johnson didn’t take the hint.

Once Congress returned to Washington, D.C., Johnson provided the decisive vote that allowed Joe Biden to spy on Donald Trump and his supporters without a warrant.

Johnson then tried to cobble together a coalition with Democrats to pass a near $100 billion foreign aid slush fund that sent another $61 billion in taxpayer money to Ukraine without securing America’s border.

Greene says she’s prepared to move on her motion to vacate the chair 

But if Johnson thought he could call Greene’s bluff, then he thought wrong.

Greene told Breitbart that she’s willing to call for a vote to remove Johnson and that he needed to understand the reality of the situation, which was that he poisoned the well so thoroughly with conservatives that there is zero chance he can remain Speaker of the House.

The only question is if he gets the boot now or at the start of the next Congress.

“Yes, I am willing to force it,” Greene stated. “The reality for Mike Johnson that he just is not accepting or refusing to accept, publicly at least, is whether it happens two weeks from now, two months from now, or in the next majority, he will not be Speaker. He just will not be. There may be only two of us public right now. But he does not have the support of the conference at all. There may be people who might not vote to vacate him right now, but they will never vote for him to be Speaker next Congress. There are two large factions in the conference against his Speakership.”

Momentum builds to oust Johnson

Greene added a key ally when Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) – a member of the powerful Rules Committee – said he would support the motion.

This means Greene has all the votes she needs to oust Johnson.

Democrats like Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) and Thomas Suozzi (D-NY) said they would cross the aisle and vote to save Johnson’s Speakership.

But Greene told Breitbart that would only make it worse for Johnson, as Massie told him to his face that for every Democrat who supported him, there are two to three more Republicans who will vote to remove him.

Eight Republicans voting to support Matt Gaetz’s motion to vacate was enough to end Kevin McCarthy’s tenure as Speaker of the House.

Greene informed Breitbart that Johnson would lose more Republicans than that.

“Of course, I’ll never speak for anyone or name names,” Greene said in the interview. “That would be very inappropriate and wrong of me. To quote Thomas Massie, what he told Mike Johnson at our conference meeting this morning, and he said that ‘if this vote is held, it’s very likely there will be more Republicans voting to vacate you than there was against Kevin McCarthy.’”

Mike Johnson had his chance to fight for conservative values.

Instead, he cast his lot with Joe Biden and the Swamp.

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