Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know this ugly secret about his electric vehicle agenda

Apr 30, 2024

Joe Biden is trying to force everyone to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

The government is picking the winners under his scheme. 

And Joe Biden doesn’t want you to know this ugly secret about his electric vehicle agenda.

Electric vehicle drivers are a wealth transfer scheme

President Joe Biden and his allies are pushing electric vehicles on a public that doesn’t want them.

Going electric comes with a host of problems like range concerns, cost, and reliability that makes most Americans recoil.

Former CIA officer turned podcaster Bryan Dean Wright told Fox News Digital that the transition to electric vehicles is being driven by government force instead of demand.

The Biden administration is “just so hell-bent on making sure that this transition happens, even if that means wrecking the economy, in terms of electricity, its reliability, the grid, getting brownouts or blackouts, or economic wreckage by people who otherwise can’t afford these new vehicles,” Wright said.

He pointed to California – which is the national leader in trying to force drivers to go electric – as the blueprint that Democrats want to bring to the rest of the country.

Currently, their service costs run about $250 an hour in the Golden State.

“But as of this moment, with all the push, it is a wealth transfer from people who have their current gas vehicles to an EV,” Wright explained. “I don’t know if that’s going to be the case in 10 or 20 years, but what we see in California is because of some of these dirty green policies.”

Rich environmentalists are getting the public to pick up the tab for their electric vehicles

Texas Public Policy Foundation energy expert Brent Bennett said that drivers in gasoline-powered cars are subsidizing the buyers of electric vehicles.

“That cost is being shouldered by buyers and car companies by raising the price of gas-powered vehicles, [which] is basically just a direct wealth transfer, just paying for EV subsidies and that will grow over time if we continue to keep this regime in place,” Bennett explained.

The Biden administration and many state governments are using tax credits to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act included a $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles, but that’s just the beginning of the government gravy train for their buyers.

“We calculated that if you add on the socialized infrastructure costs, and then in particular add on California’s zero emission vehicle mandate, which adds cost to all of us because the automakers have to pay to produce more EVs in California, and they spread that cost to the whole country, the federal fuel economy regulations alone are subsidizing each EV by about $20,000,” Bennett said. “Add all this together, and each EV is getting almost $50,000 in subsidies.”

These policies have caused electricity prices in California to spike.

“The burden of this revolution is it is fundamentally a tax on the working class and on the middle class,” Bennett stated. “A lot of folks are struggling in those two worlds and it really is unfair to a lot of the working folks in this country.”

Every American has to pay higher prices so wealthy environmentalists can purchase a Bidenmobile.

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