These hard-working Americans could lose their jobs for Joe Biden’s green energy agenda

Apr 30, 2024

Joe Biden’s green energy agenda is taking a wrecking ball to the economy.

Entire industries will be decimated in his quest to reduce emissions.

And these hard-working Americans could lose their jobs for Joe Biden’s green energy agenda.

Fishing and lobster jobs threatened by offshore wind energy

President Joe Biden’s green energy agenda is poised to wipe out entire industries in order to combat climate change.

One of the surprising careers being threatened by his push to fundamentally transform the energy industry is lobster fishing.

The Biden administration is being accused of rushing to enact an offshore wind plan before the November election that would be difficult to unwind under a potential Trump administration.

“This really looks like a way to keep this process moving forward and to provide some insulation against potential political changes, for this administration to hit its goals, but there’s nothing about it that makes sense,” Responsible Offshore Development Alliance official Annie Hawkins said.

Two million acres of ocean in the Gulf of Maine in Northern New England are going to be leased for offshore wind farms under a proposal by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

Biden’s goal is to have enough electricity to power 10 million homes generated through offshore wind by 2030.

Fishing groups say the plan is going to harm marine life and commercial fishing.

The New England Fishermen’s Stewardship Association (NEFSA) – a group that represents commercial fishermen – said the BOEM was moving forward with wind energy plans for the Gulf of Maine without consulting with the industry.

Offshore wind harms the environment Biden claims he’s protecting

The NEFSA said that the BOEM ignored what the massive offshore wind turbines would do to marine life in the area.

“Wind farms cause an increase in ocean surface temperatures and emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs). There is a wholesale lack of research documenting the effects of windmill heated water and EMFs on fish stocks, specifically bluefin tuna,” NEFSA stated.

The long power cables that bring power generated by the wind turbines in the ocean to the shore would also emit EMFs that would harm aquatic life.

NEFSA claimed that the BOEM was relying on faulty data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which “admitted that they have no baseline data – indeed, very little data at all – on habitats in the Gulf of Maine.”

“And what little data they have was furnished by observers with little to no at-sea experience on commercial vessels,” the NEFSA added.

The Biden administration is hell-bent on boosting offshore wind energy no matter what the consequences are to the economy or to marine life in the Gulf of Maine.

And this policy could well outlive the administration once a lease is signed and development begins.

“It’s really clear that they are rushing to get some lease on paper before the end of this administration. It’s very clear that they are, by making this designation, they’re making it sort of political proof so that in the future, if the administration changes that is [not] favorable to wind leasing, it makes it just a lot easier to keep moving forward,” Hawkins said.

Maine lobsterman Jason Joyce – a NEFSA member – is worried that damage might not be reversible once the turbines go up.

“I’m afraid that the effects will be pretty darn permanent,” Joyce said. “It’s all just so destructive.”

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