Joe Biden just banned your car, and Donald Trump unleashed hell in response

May 6, 2024

Joe Biden’s administration is waging the biggest war on freedom and liberty in American history.

The lengths Biden will go to in order to turn America into a socialist nation are beyond the pale.

And Joe Biden just banned your car, and Donald Trump unleashed hell in response.

Joe Biden bans gas powered cars by 2032

Joe Biden already issued one mandate to force two-thirds of all new cars made in America be electric by 2030.

But Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency went in for the kill with a set of new tailpipe emission standards that effectively ban all gas-powered cars by 2032.

The rule doesn’t outright ban cars.

It’s even more insidious.

Biden’s new scheme just makes producing gas powered cars so expensive that it won’t make any sense for companies to manufacture them or for Americans to purchase them.

The only choice will be to buy expensive and inefficient Bidenmobiles.

“Three years ago, I set an ambitious target: that half of all new cars and trucks sold in 2030 would be zero-emission,” Biden declared in announcing the Bidenmobile mandate.

“Together, we’ve made historic progress. Hundreds of new expanded factories across the country. Hundreds of billions in private investment and thousands of good-paying union jobs. And we’ll meet my goal for 2030 and race forward in the years ahead,” Biden added.

Donald Trump promises to end the Bidenmobile mandate

Trump campaigned in Michigan on a promise to end Joe Biden’s gas-powered car ban.

During his speech, Trump warned that Bidenmobiles cost on average around $5,000 more than regular gas-powered cars and that these jalopies can’t travel as far because the battery charge doesn’t last as long.

“There’s a problem: They’re very expensive and they don’t go far. Not going far is not good,” Trump declared.

Trump also told the crowd that Biden’s gas-powered car ban would destroy the Michigan auto industry and move car manufacturing to Communist China, who as of 2022, produced around 60 percent of electric vehicles.

 “Also, they’re not going to be made in Michigan. They’re going to be made in China, every single one is going to be made in China,” Trump added.

The Bidenmobile mandate benefiting Communist China has Americans wondering if this was further evidence that whistleblower Tony Bobulinski was telling the truth when he said Biden was compromised by the Chinese.

Trump puts the American auto industry first

More than 40 percent of American auto manufacturing jobs could vanish thanks to the Bidenmobile mandate.

Trump slammed Big Labor boss Shawn Fain for supporting Biden’s Green New Deal assault on the auto industry.

“United Auto Workers, I just want to tell you, the head of the United Auto Workers has really let you down to agree with that whole situation that they just did. That’s so good for China, and it’s so bad for Michigan,” Trump added. 

Trump promised a new course of action.

“But I’m gonna turn it around,” Trump stated.

In addition to ending the Bidenmobile mandate, Trump promised new tariffs on Communist Chinese electric vehicles.

“We’re putting tariffs on foreign cars. We’re bringing the car industry back to Michigan. The Biden electric vehicle mandate will be an economic bloodbath,” Trump continued.

“‘Crooked Joe will rip out your auto jobs and send them immediately to China,” Trump added.

Trump said his America First agenda is a pledge “to take jobs out of China and bring jobs back to Michigan” if he returns to the White House.

“We’re going to keep Chinese cars the hell out of America. We don’t want them. We don’t want Chinese cars,” Trump concluded.

Trump’s message is resonating

Trump was the first Republican to win Michigan since 1988.

Polls show Trump is poised to repeat that feat.

Fox News’ most recent poll shows Trump leading Biden by three points in Michigan.

Should Trump win Michigan a second time, he would have Joe Biden’s insane plan to ban gas powered cars and resulting destruction of the state’s auto industry to thank.

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