Donald Trump turned the tables on Alvin Bragg with this devastating video

May 7, 2024

Democrat prosecutor Alvin Bragg is scheming to interfere in the 2024 election with his sham prosecution of Donald Trump.

But Trump has a plan to fight back.

And Donald Trump turned the tables on Alvin Bragg with this devastating video.

Trump turns Manhattan trial into a chance to stage campaign rallies 

Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of Trump on fake crimes based on evidence that doesn’t exist means that he can’t hit the campaign trail on a normal schedule.

Trump is pinned down in court four days a week.

But that doesn’t mean Trump can’t make lemonade out of lemons.

Trump used the fact that he was in Manhattan to show off his working-class credentials by visiting local firefighters and paying for their meals.

After court, Trump showed up at FDNY’s Engine Co. 8 and Ladder Co. 2 with two boxes of pizzas in hand.

The campaign also sent over 10 more boxes of pizza to feed the hungry firefighters.

The optics of the event couldn’t be topped.

Trump hung out with first responders who look and sound like regular people, but who are extraordinary heroes for putting their lives on the line to protect the city.

When Joe Biden pops into New York, it’s for star-studded fundraisers where he rubs elbows with celebrities like Lizzo, Jason Bateman, and Stephen Colbert.

Firefighters cheer on Trump

The firefighters of Engine Co. 8 and Ladder Co. 2 gave Trump a hero’s welcome.

“You gotta win!” one firefighter exclaimed. 

“Sir, save us please,” a second added.

Trump returned the love.

“I love you all – special people,” Trump wrote in the daybook.

The New York Post spoke to several firefighters who thanked Trump for showing up and for his personal touch.

“It was good, we enjoyed it,” one firefighter told the Post. “It’s always special when a President shows up at your place of work.”

“He’s a nice guy for coming by,” the firefighter continued, before describing Trump as “very personable.” 

“He speaks to you, not at you,” the firefighter concluded. 

FDNY spokesperson Jim Long revealed that this wasn’t the first time Trump visited this particular fire company.

“He was here in 2021 on September 11,” Long told the Post

Trump’s visit helps highlight inflation 

Trump showing up at the firehouse with pizza also helped him touch on another core campaign message.

In addition to showcasing how Trump was the candidate of the working class, buying pizza allowed him to shine a spotlight on Joe Biden’s inflation.

Under Biden, food prices are up around 20 percent.

When Trump left office in 2021, the inflation rate sat at 1.4%.

Working Americans didn’t feel the pinch when they took their families out to dinner when Trump was President.

But they certainly do under Joe Biden.

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